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The Cross Has Defeated Unlove. Love Wins The War For The World.

JAG ..

Apr 20, 2015
The Cross Has Defeated Unlove. Love Wins The War For The World.
August 17, 2021

"i want to be loved", said John Doe.

If John would change that to "I want to love" John would end up getting what
he wanted because John can control that.

Getting love and loyalty from human beings is not always easy to come by.

When the Lord Jesus most needed love and loyalty from His friends "all [His]
disciples deserted Him and fled." {Matthew 26:56}. And they were Christians too.
The great Paul "195 lashes" the Apostle had friends that treated him the same way.
At the end of his life, old, in prison, and according to tradition, soon to be beheaded
by the evil absurd insane Nero ~ Paul said "At my first defense, no one came to my
support, but everyone deserted me." {2 Tim. 4:16} They were Christians too.

Julius Caesar had a very close friend named Marcus Brutus who plotted with others
to murder his close dear friend. They stabbed Caesar 23 times. They did it to "save
the Republic", they said. In other words, we're the kind of immoral men that will commit
evil-cold-blooded-murder in order to do what we claim to believe is the greater good for
the majority.

That's what the traitor Benedict Arnold thought too. The "Greater Good" is afoot out there,
and legion is the number of people who have Benedict Arnold'd their friends and family for
the "Greater Good." The "husband" who, after 30 years of marriage and 3 children, walks
in and tells his wife, "Goodbye. I don't love you anymore. I've found somebody else, and
all of this will eventually work out for the better, for all of us." The "Greater Good" has
struck again. Judas Iscariot, self-seeking, and craving a divorce has traitor-abandoned
his wife of 30 years and his 3 children because "we'll all be happier this way." A liar too ~
an "until death do us part" liar.

Remember Absalom? King David's son that turned on his father and wanted him dead, so
that he Absalom could become king ~ for the "Greater Good" of course. {This treacherous
drama ingloriously unfolds in 2 Samuel chapters 13 ~ 19}.

In a 2016 movie about Lyndon Baines Johnson, the script writers
have LBJ, at the end of the movie, say this:
"But right now we're going to party like there is no tomorrow {LBJ
had just been elected POTUS}, 'cause there is no feeling in the world
half as good as winning. But the sun will come up, and the knives will
come out, and all these smiling faces will be watching me, waiting for
that first moment of weakness and then they will gut me like a deer."

A typical scene from human history:
"Can I count on you, my friend, to be there for me when the going gets
really hard and tough?"
"Yes of course you can", replied his friend.
But later, when the personal cost of love and loyalty began to increase
the friend tucked tail and ran away.

By the way, you remember that US Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen
Specter, who wrote a book about his time spent in Washington, D.C.
among his fellow politicians, and titled it Life Among The Cannibals.

"Et tu, Brute?" {You too, Brutus?"}

But here is the good news.

The self-seeking traitorous cowards of the world will not win The War
For The World.

Judas Iscariot and his kind lose the ongoing battle to control the world.
The world's hero's hugely outnumber them.

There are hundreds of millions of hero's out there whose motto is, "I Live
My Life To Help Others And I Love Others More Than I Love Me."

On 911 over 340 fire fighters, in fact, did run into those burning towers while
others were running out. They went in there, not to save themselves, but to
save others.

And America's large army of First Responders are hero's and not self-seeking
Judas Iscariots. They risk their lives, many every day, to help others.

These are the kinds of people that have the favor, praise, and protection of God,
and therefore their kind will inherit the earth and rule it. Their tribe wins The War
For The World . . .

. . .but not so the Judas Iscariot-self-seekers, "for those who are self-seeking . . .
there will be wrath and anger." {Roams 2:8}.

Back to the great Apostle Paul: At the end of his life when all
his friends had deserted him {except Luke see 2 Tim. 4:11},
Paul says, "But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength."
{2 Tim. 4:17} God is like that. Always. Humans not! Oft times
humans are fickle, undependable, unpredictable, and disloyal.
But we don't write them off as hopeless. Paul says about his
friends that deserted him, "May it not be held against them."
{2 Tim.4:16} We frail humans need Love, Forgiveness, and
Second Chances to do better next time.

Many people today would love to find a soul-mate, "a person
ideally suited to them". a close friend, a confidant, somebody
they can trust. Natural affinity is what humans crave and an
Inner Circle of warm personal loving relationships. Faithfulness
and Loyalty. Love. Family. Family Love.

But . . . the truth is, all this is not easy to get. Many people get
married 3,4,5,6, times trying to find it ~ until they finally come to
realize that we humans are at our best when we love without
trying to be loved.

I came not to be loved, but to love, is how the Lord Jesus lived
His life.

We can choose to live like that too.

The Apostle Peter denied his Lord three times and all Jesus' friends
deserted Him in His greatest hour of need, but He loved them in spite
of their unlove. To love others when they do not love you, is to be like
the Lord Jesus.

When faced with unlove, the first human impulse is social distancing,
rejection, flight. Then comes cynicism, pessimism, and negative
thinking about the present unlovely human condition.

Yes indeed! Many people, 21st century, are fickle, vacillating, undependable,
and disloyal. But God loves them and wants them to become loyal hero's who
live their lives to help others. God is the God of Forgiveness, Hope, Second
Chances, and Restoration.

And God has a Plan to defeat unlove with love. The Cross says God loves the
world. The Cross and The Resurrection is where the Father defeated Sin, Satan,
and Death ~ and now Jesus says, "All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been
given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations." {Matthew 28:16-20}
That's the Plan. It shall be accomplished.

"Behold, I am making everything new."__The Lord Jesus
{Rev. 21:5}