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The Spiritual or God Element of a Language


Jan 6, 2020
The Vowels and diacritical marks in some Ancient Alphabets were considered to be the Spiritual or God Element of a language and the consonants were considered the worldly elements. The consonants are also a metaphor for the continents of land on earth. The air and waters that divide the lands are a metaphor for the vowels and diacritical marks. In Hebrew when they wrote the Torah (First 5 Books of the Old Testament), they wrote down only the Consonants without separations and it was all one big word with no break ups. At a point in time they started adding what is called diacritical marks to the Scriptures to give reference to what the Vowels sounds could be, and where the words should be broke up. At different times when motivated by the Spirit of God, the Rabbi, Priest or Anointed Ones of God, They would change the Vowels and the breakups of the words to bring a different meaning to the words for people when they needed to hear what was necessary for the time period they were in. Your Holy Vows are related to these Vow(EL)s. EL is a Semitic name for God and Elohim (Hebrew) is the plural of this name given for the Hierarchy of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as well as the Angels, and Everyone or Everything that is doing the Will of God.

“Latin” is the language of the Catholic clergy which, when spelled backwards is nital = Knit-all (weave-together all religions and people) Nit though, can also be a form of a parasite, e.g. lice (which in this case is related to the word “lies”) and their eggs, which feeds off of other Life forms (US). It’s the third plague of the ten mentioned in the Old Testament in Egypt.

Constantine is related to the Consonants of a Language (the world) and some of the Godly Vows broken are the Vowels of Language or Scripture and many others have done the same before and since. King Henry VIII broke from the Catholic hierarchy and started his own church, this led to King James who had his men translate the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and perhaps other language Scriptures into English.

“Lion” can be spelled many ways. Because of changes and misunderstanding of the “Line” of Scripture, we now will be confronted with the “Lion” and because of the “Lyin” we will be forced to make a choice to which side we will have to “align” to!

Dec.09. 2019