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  • Focus on the Family

    Strengthening families through biblical principles.

    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ

    Heard of "The Gospel"? Want to know more?

    There is salvation in no other, for there is not another name under heaven having been given among men, by which it behooves us to be saved."

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Mar 30, 2018
Dear new member, it is with great pleasure we welcome you in Jesus’ name to these Christian forums. Please take a moment to introduce yourself as we do care about your fellowship, input, and testimony.

Near the top of our home page we have our Terms of Service and Staff Expectations which are meant to keep this a place that first honors God in all that is said and done, promotes peace among our assembly; the body of Christ, and provides you opportunity to enjoy yourself among us.

Regardless your background God loves you and we do too. Hopefully together we can grow together in grace and knowledge of our Lord.

Blessings in Christ Jesus. :wave2
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