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When someone accuses Christians of picking and choosing what to believe in the Bible

A good, short refutation by Voddie Baucham:

Sadly we as a nation have forgotten or ignore that way if seeing laws .

It wasn't perfect when we did .but common laws were in general based upon this .racism ended in other nations first then America followed .
You need to read the bible in regular order, i.e. from Genesis to Revelation, as you read any book series or watch any tv series. You'd naturally interpret later contents with earlier contents, and not the other way around, like most Christians do by interpreting the OT from a NT perspective. Actually, in storytelling, there's a term for that - retcon, Retroactive Continuity, which means editing the past or adding new contents in the past to accommandate the present plot, it's a kind of revisionism that often ruins a coherent narrative, "picking and choosing what to believe in the Bible" is exactly like that.
No better deterrent to crime than the fear of God.
Pretty much nonexistent.
All that’s left is the examples from Scripture.
"When someone accuses Christians of picking and choosing what to believe in the Bible?"

Ask them for examples? What do they mean and can they clearly explain what passages are being cherry picked.

Often the accusation is to do with Old Testament laws, stoning an adulterer, a rebellious youth, mixing fabric etc.
Once you have got a sample use biblegateway or Google to find the biblical passage and read it and the contex together.
Then discuss whether it is applicable today for Christians.
As much of the law looks forward to Jesus you will have an opertunity to present the gospel.