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Why do Christian college students leave church and struggle

Studies have been done on this. About 70% leave the faith/church as adults. The reasons are 1) the youth group was mostly pizza and games do when they grew out of those interests, the faith (they probably never had) was gone.

Another reason 2) is they couldn’t ask questions. From observation I would say the church provides no substance for the faith. Christians cannot answer the questions even if they were allowed to ask. Most of the families I know in church have one or more atheistic grown children, including a pastor. From observation, I would say the parents don’t really believe. The church is more of a club.
To be fair…

Cultivating a Christian worldview takes time and patience and guidance. Speaking of what I see in Bible Belt USA it’s..not common to see a good approach to developing such a worldview in the congregants. Some churches go for heavy duty emo stuff..others are bigger on tradition and community engagement…

And lots in between have cell groups etc that are probably helpful. When it comes to developing a Christian worldview it seems many people are on their own. Not good…
christianity and college are polar opposites
one values family, tradition, religion and god
the other values materialism, selfishness, desire (not need) and independance- satanism interestingly relies on materialism. hmmmm

plus theres many young men/women at colleges, a lot of drugs and alcohol parties, obviously this is very tempting and dangerous, and as the bible proclaims we must stay away from temptation- run in opposite direction
i have moments where god tests me with materialism where i can see i could do something somewhat wrong and earn a lot of money- but i abstain from it. and thats how we always gotta consider the holiness in what we do, what we desire. and especially consider needs vs WANTS