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Bible Study You Are Guaranteed to Be Protected


Mar 27, 2011
Are you wondering if God will protect you from evil? Are you in a situation where you are not sure, if you will be protected by God, although you believe that he will? You are not alone! We all struggle sometimes, to completely trust God, not only for protection, but for many other things like healing, meeting of needs, etc...

In Proverbs 1:33, it says that whoever listens to God, will live in safety, and be at ease, without fear of harm. Hmm, even if we are harmed, even then God can make us live at ease, and free from fear, because Psalm 34 says that God is the one, who delivers us of all our fears. But Proverbs 1:33 says, that we will be at ease, and be safe. That means, that God will make you to relax, and live your life, not by worry and anxiety of what may happen to you, but will give rest for your soul, just as he has promised in his Word.

The thing is, what is important is that, we allow our senses and the outside circumstances, to dictate what happens in our life, rather than our faith and trust in God, to dictate what happens in our life. I personally believe, that God wants us to trust him, not just for protection from evil, but for anything else he has promised us, in his Word. Why did God promise us things in his Word? Just for us to memorise and know them? No! The main reason God gave us his wonderful promises in his Word, is so that we can believe and apply them in our life, and not only know and memorise them. That is because the Word of God says that what matters before God, are those who do practice his Word.

Sometimes, circumstances in our life, create fear in us, and our faith in God, and his Word for protection of our lives, vanishes. That is why the Word of God commands us to meditate on it, day and night, and to keep the Word of God, in front of our eyes, and not to forget it. The more we look to circumstances in our live, the more fear we get, and the less faith we have. The more we keep the Word of God in our hearts, instead of dwelling on thoughts from our circumstances, the more faith we will have, and the more we can conquer our circumstances. We either become victims of our circumstances, or victors over them, and all that depends, on how much we believe what God has said, in his Word.

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Who Me

London England
Dec 19, 2018
Did the apostles fail in their faith?

Was Jim Elliot and his companions lacking in faith?

Why did Paul warn about the ' light and momentary troubles that some early Christians face in the arena?

No where in the Bible are we promised anything other than how Jesus was treated.

Yes here in the west we can have wealth. Etc. But that is not our right. The majority of Christian currently alive live in the third world and most of them live in poverty.

How will we respond to open hostility towards Christians?
Would we be prepared to loose our jobs, our homes and comfortable lifestyle all to follow Jesus?

How often do you talk to your work colleagues about Christianity and biblical based morality?


Fight the good fight of faith
Staff member
South Carolina
Apr 22, 2011
Scripture says we will suffer as Christ suffered, but to fear not them who can kill the body, but never the soul, Matthew 10:16-39.

Faith was, is and will always be tested in how much we trust in the Lord unto His coming.