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Recent content by Knotical

  1. Knotical

    Rate the Avatar

    Jim Parker I found your new avatar!
  2. Knotical

    I'm writing a New Bible

    And Pizza gets struck by lightning in 3...2...
  3. Knotical

    Bible Study Looking for clarity on Song of Songs

    Some say that it is Soloman writing about one of his wives. Others say it is Christ talking about the church. Both rather interesting perspectives.
  4. Knotical

    The Beatles

    Never much cared for the beatles, and though they were a bit overrated.
  5. Knotical

    Churches in ID, WA and Oregon?

    Technically, the world is a mission field, as there are plenty of people who still have not had the chance to hear the gospel. I wish you well in this endeavor. BTW, reba lives in the very northeast corner of California. Jefferson County, if I remember correctly.
  6. Knotical

    Why women are better at multitasking

    That's not multitasking, that is just giving you a list of things to do.
  7. Knotical

    Why women are better at multitasking

    Multitasking is a myth. The human brain can only focus on one thing at a time.
  8. Knotical

    Face Book

    Never did understand the whole popularity of doing the duck face thing in selfies. People who do that just look ridiculous.
  9. Knotical

    Let's Have A Virtual Campout!

    Sorry I am late to the campout, but I brought some fire roasted pineapple for everyone to share. Anyone bring any pudgypie makers? We could make some grilled cheese sammiches over the fire.
  10. Knotical

    Feedback Is This Just Me?

    You can also restart your computer. Sometimes things will go off the rails a bit with windows, and a reboot will usually correct that.
  11. Knotical

    Electrical Question

    I don't doubt there are probably some things that have been wired incorrectly. About a month, or so, ago I was replacing the ceiling fan in the living room. The old one was wired up to a couple of three-way switches and one single pole dimmer. One of the three-way switches was installed...
  12. Knotical

    Electrical Question

    Wow that thing is ugly. Good suggestion though. The lighting fixtures in our bathrooms at the moment don't cover up the bulbs at all and my wife would not be a happy camper if I tried to replace what we have with these.
  13. Knotical

    Electrical Question

    I kind of thought this might be the response, but just wanted to be sure. Running a ground wire to any of the cold water lines would take about as much effort as just running it back to the breaker panel itself. As it is not much farther away from one of the switches I am wanting to change...
  14. Knotical

    Electrical Question

    I have a question for the electrical engineers in the group. I have a couple of motion sensing switches I want to install in my bathrooms. The only problem is nearly nothing in this house is grounded, since it was originally built in the 50's. My question, as it seems possible on the surface...