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Recent content by Bryan

  1. Bryan

    Do you support Arctic Drilling for Oil?

    Go ahead and drill in Alaska, as long as it actually IS in Alaska. Last map I saw of proposed drill sites was clearly in Canadian waters. When the Canadian Govt kindly pointed out that the US didn't have jurisdiction to drill there, the attitude of the US Govt was 'so, what are you gonna do...
  2. Bryan

    Michael Jackson ROCKS!

    This was not at all surprising. The prosecution had no case. Even if the jury wanted to put Jackson away, they were given nothing to work with. While I do think he's really weird, and I absolutely agree that the way he likes little boys is utterly inappropriate, I'm not convinced that...
  3. Bryan

    Study finds disproportionate abuse by 'gays'

    I'm not buying the homosexual vs pedophile argument. That might be the official definition from the APA, but it doesn't hold water. Homosexual is same gender, regardless of the age. In the case of a sexual assault by a man on a boy, that is BOTH homosexual AND pedophilic, not one or the other.
  4. Bryan

    Liberal vs. Conservative Christianity.... HUH?

    As much as Biblical values are conservative ideals, it still remains that Jesus was very much a socialist.
  5. Bryan

    Are there any GOOD "Christian Metal" bands?

    In the late 80's and early 90's there were lots of really good Christian Metal bands around. Many of them were much better than their secular counterparts. These days, I can't seem to find anything new and heavy that is any good.
  6. Bryan

    Bible Study John 6:66.....(666 ? )

    I think the point Jay T keeps missing is that the original scriptures as inspired by God, contained no chapter or verse designations. They were added by man many centuries later. Many of the chapter and verse breaks were pretty much arbitrary. There's nothing wrong with them, but they...
  7. Bryan


    Although I agree Mr. Tait is very talented, I must dissent against the opinion that he was the most talented in DC Talk. I'm far more impressed with Toby McKeehan's post-DC Talk work, and to me at least, HE'S the one with the lion's share of the talent from that band. Mikey is still great though!
  8. Bryan

    mp3 players

    DOH! You replied before I had a chance to edit the post! I hit reply when I meant to hit preview! Here's an article that explains the AAC file format a little: http://www.macworld.com/2004/09/secrets ... /index.php One more thing to add, the DRM protection that is in AAC files is only on the...
  9. Bryan

    mp3 players

    I'm not sure what you are actually asking. Anyone can make an mp3 player, there's no restrictions on that, and the choices are varied. (Remember, the iTunes software itself is free anyway). Are you wondering if they'll license out the AAC format? The AAC is already an open standard, Apple...
  10. Bryan

    mp3 players

    That, and you can convert the AACs to MP3 quite easily as well. Apple sells the AAC online not because you "have to" use it, but because it's the most efficient file format to use. It's higher audio quility than MP3's and it's a smaller file size. Don't think of it in terms of not being able to...
  11. Bryan

    mp3 players

    The iPod plays good old mp3 files just fine. It is by far the best portable music player there is. Pricey, yes, but more than worth it.
  12. Bryan

    Roman Catholic dogma of the Assumption is not Biblical

    Not all Catholics believe in the assumption. It wasn't even official RCC doctrine until the '50s. It clearly is a non-biblical doctrine.
  13. Bryan

    Yet Another Newbie

    Yep, that's me. Which article?
  14. Bryan

    Is this herecy/blasphemy?

    I see what you guys are saying. I understood UR to mean all believers will reconcile their differences, and basically become one baody of Christ instead of the segmented denominational fractioning we see today. If UR actually means that everyone will be saved, even if they don't make a...
  15. Bryan

    Yet Another Newbie

    Hey Vice, welcome aboard!!!