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Hi Christ_empowered Thanks for your comments just now. Was also re-reading what you wrote a long while ago about faith based tattoos; you were kind of skeptical, but you did point out that if someone gets eyeliner tattooed or else a Bible verse (or whatever) tattooed, it's kind of not too different. So have your thoughts developed at all more recently?
tattoo is a personal decision. i think...i hesitate with faith based ones because of the people I've known with such tattoos (its the bible belt, usa), but...that's them, not -all people- , and they don't answer to me. :)
Not sure of your age but I saw a quote from someone in the Bible Belt who said she hardly knew of any female under 30 in Bible Belt churches who did not have a tattoo. I guess it's a widely preferred means of expressing what's on one's heart, Scripture, etc.
i dunno. tattoos of all sorts are trendy and such. maybe that's why I'm not so sure about the fath based ones? People have Christianity-themed everything in the bible belt. "Jesus is my co-pilot" on the car, all kinds of stuff. does it mean anything? -shrug- I dunno. I can't read their minds, I don't know the state of their salvation.
Let's see if anyone tried to read or ask about the Murphy settlement.two lone churches and the cemetery.