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Recent content by Corey

  1. Corey

    <>< Christian fish sign <><

    I see it on cars all the time.
  2. Corey

    Merchandising the Gospel

    This is a view that I have always disagreed with (respectfully disagree with, of course). God has bessed us with all of our abilities so if we take what you are saying a little further, then souldn't we give all our services away for a small fee? I think we should think about this a little...
  3. Corey

    Christian Quotes

    Any quotes from the members here that you would like to see added? I would be happy to take some requests.
  4. Corey

    What Jehovah Witnesses believe

    First, I agree with @reba , we should not be mentioning these groups as anywhere near similar. Second, I think its very important that we know what other religions believe in. If we are to have a convincing argument/debate we have to know what they believe. It makes us that much more able to...
  5. Corey

    Christian Quotes

    That was my fault, sorry TOG. It is working now. You can use this link:
  6. Corey

    Christian Quotes

    Hey everyone A friend and I started a new website that is a compilation of Christian quotes within some great artwork/pictures. We created it as an easy way to share some great Christian quotes on Faceboom/Pinterset/blogs/websites/etc. It would be great to hear if anyone has any comments...
  7. Corey

    Christian Website (Tools for Christ)

    I just wanted to share some news about the Tools for Christ brand that I am excited about. As of yesterday, my shirts are now being sold at a Christian Bookstore in SE Wisconsin.
  8. Corey

    Looking for web developers!

    A guy that helps me with my website when I get stuck is Clay ( at He is very reasonably priced. It may not matter to you but he is a Christian so it could help since you are making a Christian website.
  9. Corey

    <>< Christian fish sign <><

    Yes. Although, like mentioned above, some jewlery may not have the same impact as a fish. Wearing a cross on a necklace may not necessarily mean you are a Christian. I think it has become somewhat of a fashion statment for some poeple and those people may not even say they are a Christian if...
  10. Corey

    <>< Christian fish sign <><

    I personally do not use it (no real reason). I can't imagine how it could be used well for a conversation starter with a non-christian since it is probably the second most widely known Christian symbol (behind the cross). But it is perfect for letting others know that you are a Christian, which...
  11. Corey

    Christian Bookstores doing well

    I read this today and thought it was interesting: In my area I do not think this is the case but its good to see they are doing well around the country. Are there any Christian Bookstore owners here?
  12. Corey

    Photographs Cowboy Stadium

    Great picture. I took that tour a couple months ago and it was amazing. Right at that spot you took the picture my 1.5 yearl old daughter looks up at the screen (it was on), and yelled the loudest I have heard her yell and said "WOWWWWWW". Its kind of how I felt inside. Its an impressive...
  13. Corey

    Christian Website (Tools for Christ)

    I am looking to add some guest bloggers if anyone is intersted in writing just 1 post or multiple posts. My blog is here: I would be happy to add someone as an author to my blog and you can add a link to your blog/website. The 2 categories that I am looking to add...
  14. Corey

    Only a genuis dares this.

    Classik - Did you come up with that yourself? Just coming up with that puzzle seems like a challenge in itself.
  15. Corey

    Only a genuis dares this.

    F=66 Y=1023 x=1 The = signs are not actually equal signs. They are just dividers. These are not math equations, they are patterns. F is always double the first #. Y is calulated as: ( (the first column) X (the first column) ) - (the second column) (In the first row -x is...