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    I want a job where I play with and train puppies all day! I work with dogs but they're all older and some are just mean. Labs are very sweet.
  2. God&DogGirl

    TV Shows that were cancelled way before they should have

    A bit obscure but... The Sarah Jane Adventures. The actress who played Sarah Jane died halfway through filming so I get why it was canceled but there was a lot of life left in that show. Loved Monk but I think it ended really well.
  3. God&DogGirl

    TV Shows that were cancelled way before they should have

    It was only 3 seasons, yeah. They were just about to renew it and then some fool of an executive decided he liked Gunsmoke better so they moved it into Gilligan's slot. Outrageous decision, westerns are so boring! I'm excited for it but I hope they get mostly the same actors. I wouldn't mind a...
  4. God&DogGirl

    TV Shows that were cancelled way before they should have

    The two shows that come to mind when I think of shows canceled too early are Gilligan's Island and Veronica Mars. Both deserved more than 3 seasons.
  5. God&DogGirl

    Is Fido' In Heaven ?

    Since the Bible is silent on the matter of whether or not animals will be in heaven and since I've seen God work through animals in quite incredible ways, I think the possibility of seeing our pets again in heaven is a really nice prospect and choose to believe that our pets will greet us when...
  6. God&DogGirl

    Bugs - God's creatures

    If I didn't dispose of the crickets that sometimes come into my bathroom, I'd probably be overrun with them. I leave bugs alone when outside but I kill them in my house. Unless my dog is around, then I point them out to her and she eats them. She won't eat stinkbugs though, those I flush. If I...
  7. God&DogGirl

    Auugghhh! I hate this!

    That's really messed up, there aren't any shelters in your area that will take cats? I guess I shouldn't be surprised but it is definitely not the right way to deal with an unwanted pet. Whoever owned the cat should have put out an ad in a local newspaper or something. I guess you could do that...
  8. God&DogGirl

    Gun Control in the USA

    I'll pop in for a second with my thoughts. I don't believe we should control guns but I do think we need to be careful who we allow to have guns. I don't know how and I'm not proposing a solution but if there's a way to keep guns from mentally ill people, that should be the focus. There are laws...
  9. God&DogGirl

    Do you have a good singing voice?

    I have a lovely mezzo soprano singing voice. I just started on the worship team on my church harmonizing with the worship leader, who is an alto (which, of course, means harmonies are the only things I can sing because my voice isn't even close to that low). We sound great together. There's...
  10. God&DogGirl

    Was God a Male Chauvinist?

    A pastor I spoke to once said that the way Jesus treated women was completely unheard of in those days. He treated them with kindness, not seeing them as inferiors at all. He allowed them to come hear his teachings. He spoke to a Samaritan woman, which was unheard of in that culture. Jesus was...
  11. God&DogGirl

    How long should someone Date a person before marraige.

    Actually I'd like to know how long you all think people should date before they get married too. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 months and it's been a blast. I knew him for 2 years before that so I know him pretty well and so far we're very compatible. My parents dated for 3 months...
  12. God&DogGirl

    Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

    My first relationship was long distance. We never actually met in person and he got so abusive, I'm glad we didn't. My current one is sort of long distance. We see each other a few times a month and we did physically meet in person before even falling for each other so I think I've got the best...
  13. God&DogGirl

    What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

    Actually that wasn't transvestism, at least not in my opinion. It was a running joke about the name of the bug vs. the gender of the bug. I don't know, I didn't find it offensive. I can kind of see where you're coming from. I thought of another one!! Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate...
  14. God&DogGirl

    Kids Fighting Back

    Speaking as a former victim of bullying, I only retaliated once. I bit the girl who was hitting me. Not my proudest moment but she backed off. I'm not a mom but I'll definitely be teaching my kids that if someone hits them, use their words first. If that doesn't work, then hit them back. And...
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    I'm definitely joining you there!!