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Recent content by questdriven

  1. questdriven

    25 tips for succeeding in OCD treatment

    As someone with OCD-- Good stuff
  2. questdriven

    Social Network

    Me either.
  3. questdriven

    Blocked and redirected

    Hm, I'm able to log in and out just fine.... What comes to mind for me, and I may be wrong, but.....have you done a virus scan on your computer lately?
  4. questdriven

    So, How Was Your Easter?

    We had a drive-in service at my church. It almost rained on us, but we prayed and God held the rain off for until we were done.
  5. questdriven

    I am obsessed over this virus because I am afraid

    Here's a video I made about OCD that gives the very basics of what OCD is: Here's another channel by a therapist familiar with OCD: She has information videos on OCD, and also videos on how to do ERP (exposure response prevention) therapy to treat...
  6. questdriven

    I am obsessed over this virus because I am afraid

    Honestly, you may be having situational anxiety or even OCD with a health/contamination theme. (I have OCD, I did deal with a contamination theme at one point.) People who don't have a significant amount of anxiety (which is partly what OCD is) don't wash their hands to the point of their skin...
  7. questdriven

    the gratitude thread (I hope)

    The opportunity to have pets Catching my diabetes before I began to have serious complications.....I hadn't been to a dr in years prior to diagnosis. A stable job that won't shut down during this crisis
  8. questdriven

    Online Meetings

    Oh, lol. Yeah. I have voicechats with friends all the time, this wouldn't be much different.
  9. questdriven

    Online Meetings

    I would. So long as you do things like meet in a public place, etc
  10. questdriven

    Insane Panic Buying.

    Work at the store has been crazy, for sure. At least I won't have to worry about my job shutting down.
  11. questdriven

  12. questdriven

  13. questdriven


    I hope my work doesn't close. They are having us take extra precautions, cleaning the surfaces on our registers more often, and are offering extra hours (including overtime) for employees who want to come in on a day off and clean around the store
  14. questdriven


    I'm on ACE inhibitors. RIP
  15. questdriven


    Store was SUPER busy today! And it's a small chain grocery store....hate to think what bigger ones like WalMart were like today and probably right now. Probably so many people that it's hard to get from aisle to aisle.