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  1. questdriven

    April's Second Annual Virtual Hawaiian Luau Party!!

    Can they taste like chocolate?
  2. questdriven

    The Derailing Thread Part Two

    I didn't realize the mcgriddle at McD's was pancake buns. I thought it was an English muffin or something
  3. questdriven

    April's Second Annual Virtual Hawaiian Luau Party!!

    I like Seagram's beer :)
  4. questdriven

    April's Second Annual Virtual Hawaiian Luau Party!!

    Hello. I only just got off work a little bit ago
  5. questdriven

    Hobbies I have a weird hobby--dressing up as animals

    This one is a partial suit I bought soon after getting my new job. Cost me a pretty penny. I named him Hazard. He's an arctic fox, who has mostly white fur, except he has blue paws and pawpads (not pictured). Just going to be a disclaimer out there that this is just for fun, I'm not doing...
  6. questdriven

    Musically Inclined?

    I took piano for several years
  7. questdriven

    I'm Sick.....Abortion?

    Personally I think there are very good secular (non religious) reasons to oppose abortion.
  8. questdriven

    I'm Sick.....Abortion?

    I like you. What we need to do is look at the reasons women seek abortions and resolve those (an example is finances), as well as other things (such as better sex Ed) that also help decrease abortions.
  9. questdriven

    I'm Sick.....Abortion?

    Currently am in hot debate with prochoicers. It's like stepping into a hornet's nest. They are rude as frick.
  10. questdriven

    Neutral Restrooms?

    This honestly shouldn't even be a debate. Trans people have existed for decades and they have been using the restroom as long. You can't normally tell because trans people work hard to pass as the gender they identify as, and it's not like people normally peep in on the stalls to be sure the...
  11. questdriven

    Book Keeper's Coffee Shop

    Hello. A few months back I won an art contest. Well, one of the prizes was a full scholarship to attend a mental health awareness conference. And that's where I am now :)
  12. questdriven


    Me personally, can't say I have experienced it. Maybe I'm just oblivious.
  13. questdriven

    do you talk with your neighbors?

    I don't, I pretty much keep to myself. But my elderly neighbor (who I help out and met through my church) reaches out to the people who live next to her, gives their kids gifts on holidays, etc.
  14. questdriven

    Favourite Songs?

    You are a man of culture!