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    Are we scared or just stupid? I live in one of the inundated Border States but this issue of Illegal Immigration is not exclusive to the Southwest. No, MS 13 and other criminals from the Middle East, Asia, South and primarily Central America have run away and hidden all over these United...
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    Bible Study Christ's Rules & Guidelines

    I'm putting myself in the line of Fire once more but! In my Ruah Taught understanding of scripture I know it is my lot just as it was the lot of our Mashiah to hang on that Cursed Aboration made from a tree. That being true, there is a lesson inspired of YHWH that you are ignoring, I fear...
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    Bible Study Jonah's And Christ's Resurrections

    Great reply and well thought out and along comes that dagnabbed former Blues and Country singer that loves YHWH, Yashuah ha'Mashuah and Ruah, our Triune Elohim to insert his thought. Because of the way the most littoral Translations read, KJV, NASB, Hallelujah Scriptures and others, there is...
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    Drinking and Driving

    see, right off the line there is a phenomenal issue, the car/suv has dual controls and having a state license to argue/fight without injury, the young man was not smart enough not to allow her to drive when he was driving. OUCH! I know but you see, I was born a Six Gun toting Male Shovenist Pig!
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    Bible Study Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

    Hello Iris, It is nice to meet you. The single most prevalent error is the result of both the best thing anyone has done and the worst thing anyone has done and the very best thing anyone has done for or to the study of the Word of YHWH. The Word begins with "In the beginning..." of Genesis...
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    Bible Study Ephesians

    I am married to one of the East Texas/ Western Louisiana McGee girls and the only McGee I know that has ever been published. You'll never find a more down to earth nor more fundamental commentator on the Word of YHWH.
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    Bible Study Ephesians

    As you can see already, you can listen to J. Vernon McGee as he comments or we can go subject by subject, paragraph by paragraph to ferret out truth. I avoided the logical but overly simple answer. But here it is, Ephesians is about salvation.
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    Bible Study Ephesians

    You might do better doing this as a study of the book beginning with the first paragraph and a question about it. There are, from my experience, a couple of grounded teachers on this and most Christian Sites.
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    Bible Study Ephesians

    I don't see any address.
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    Bible Study Are you willing to commit treason for God?

    My goodness, another man of much greater learning than I that still does not get it. Though I was in need to quit school at the beginning of my Ninth Geade Year to Join the Army, I just missed maxing my GED on a single test of the group I took. I did take courses from the University of...
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    AOC... The New Prophetess?

    If you ever read the Bible to get to know YHWH you will see that set of blinders fall from your eyes and discover true peace and joy.
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    AOC... The New Prophetess?

    LOL! I can't tell truths such as this without threats and being deleted. I can only post truth I am nice about. Not at all like the Aussie Blokes that kept me drunk until I was three days A.W.O.L. in Vung Tau, Vietnam... they were a fun lot of Beach Combers.
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    AOC... The New Prophetess?

    When I was in the seventh grade, a long forgotten Science Teacher taught my class that before the next two decades would pass, the earth would be swallowed by the next ice Age, that was in the Fall of 1960. When I became a Christian in 1990 I began studying, concluded that May 14 of ‘98 would...
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    Bible Study Title: What is the truth that sets us free?

    Good, no Great day in the evening in most of Asia, Great day this afternoon to my European Brearheran and good morning to all my Hillbilly Christian Brothers and sisters all the way from Watertown, NY down through Hot Springs, Fla, and west to the western border of Nevada! Hello Fran, I'll bet...