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Recent content by Vic C.

  1. Vic C.

    The Ramble On thread - Part 2

    The Ramble On thread Since there is much conversation going on in the Newbies thread, I thought we could use this one to just, chat about anything. Why not, we're great at going off topic anyway. :lol: I will post this link in the "Hello everyone" thread. This is a continuation thread...
  2. Vic C.

    lol, Jason If I'm a dad, no one told me! LOL

    lol, Jason If I'm a dad, no one told me! LOL
  3. Vic C.

    Do we still have quality music today?

    LOL, when it comes to music, I'm not easily distracted by beauty, because talent is more important than that... and The Band Perry is refreshingly talented and Kimberly was a wonderful voice. :yes Hey, I was a Janis Joplin fan and it wasn't because of her looks. :D
  4. Vic C.

    Problem with my main computer

    A couple of weeks ago, I corrupted my XP Pro install (not from a virus). Although I've been sort of missing my Paint Shop Pro and a few other Windows programs, I've been procrastinating about redoing XP. So, tonight I decided to install Virtualbox. XP is up and running as we speak, doing it's...
  5. Vic C.

    Drugs, Mind Control, and the Federal Government?

    Oh Ronnie, my condolences to you and your family. :praying
  6. Vic C.

    Now I've seen everything...

    This is from the FEC and it was signed off on 6/20/2012 So, not counting today or the past week, it's looking like he's got just over $23m on hand. Recent reports <cough> from the New York Times says Obama has 10x that amount...
  7. Vic C.

    The Wrath of God . . . A long post

    Now I don't know if God brings on wrath in a situation like this, but I do believe He does reward faithfulness. I'm convinced David Tyree's catch (the "Helmet Catch") in the first Super Bowl against the Pats was nothing short of Divine intervention. Just read about his life and his turn around...
  8. Vic C.

    Who do you like best?

    Yeah, that's Dean Winters. He's been in all sorts of TV shows. Did several episodes of Law and Oder: SVU, was a semi regular in Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles and was a regular on that wacky HBO prison show, Oz. Anyway, not on the list: the woodchucks! (and the announcer, Mike McGlone)...
  9. Vic C.

    Problem with my main computer

    I still prefer the idea of two disks instead of two machines. pressing one function key to get to the boot menu (instead of a boot manager like GRUB or whatever) isn't that big a deal. Getting Photoshop to work with WINE shouldn't be an issue. Getting ITunes to work may big a little bit more...
  10. Vic C.

    movie quotes

    Some Obi-Wan Kenobi wisdom: "Who's the more foolish...the fool or the fool who follows him?" A little Chief Martin Brody wisdom: "You're gonna need a bigger boat." I work in a communications center with lots and lots of computers. I use these lines a lot when things go haywire...
  11. Vic C.

    Problem with my main computer

    If you want to run your Photoshop, try this:
  12. Vic C.

    666- The Mark of the Beast - Humanity's Ultimate Choice

    I don't think you can, smaller. :shrug Hey, I'm still trying to figure how David's words in Psa. 135:13 has anything to do with a weekly Sabbath?
  13. Vic C.

    Problem with my main computer

    Actually Tim, Linux will read all the MS files just fine where they are. When I boot into Linux, I have access to all my files that are in the MS partitions. So there's no need to migrate them into any of the Linux folders. Anyway, I unplugged my Windows disk so Ubuntu didn't even know it...
  14. Vic C.

    A Compilation of End Time Related Scripture References

    Ian, the biggest issue is, people will give you passages that are going to fit their eschatology. Take it and run with it, but with the guidance of the Spirit, come to your own conclusions. :nod Hint: put things into cultural and historical context and read things literal, not literalistic...
  15. Vic C.

    A Compilation of End Time Related Scripture References

    Diving off the deep end, heh Ian? :D I can't help much because some of what is considered "text book" end times passages isn't at all. Observe, study and learn without blinders and slowly but surely, if it's really something you desire, the pieces will begin to fit. Oh, take Reba's...