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Anyone avoiding customer service/phone work?



I'm on the verge of taking a job w/Yahoo, but it would mean a headset for 8 hrs a day.

Anyone else give up phone work?



pls,i want to do phone work,can u pls show me how?


Dec 8, 2005
It's really boring. I do this part-time.Not to scare you but one of my ears is slightly deafer now. :-D


jeffinj said:
It's really boring. I do this part-time.Not to scare you but one of my ears is slightly deafer now. :-D
I used to be a dispatcher in the trucking industry. Wore a headset 8-12 hours a day for years. Always on the phone. My right ear (I can't concentrate if the sound is in my left ear for some reason) would bother me, probably because moisture builds up in the ear canal. I quit doing that more than ten years ago and I still hate to talk on the phone. :biggrin


I did that for about 6 months and I don't think I will be going back any time soon... I did enjoy talking to people and getting paid for it, but I wasn't a fan of being tied up to the desk all day..


I have been doing customer service work for a major communications company for nearly 5 years now. I worked in this field for two other companies before this, and have to say I love it.

I did find that the kind of headset you wear does make a difference. I wear one that sits again one ear. It does not prevent airflow which my prior headset did, and it made a difference.

Depending on the type of calls you get, you will have different experiences. When dealing with billing, you often get very highly emotionally charged calls You learn to de-escalate people and resolve one issue at a time. You have to especially learn not to take things personally.

I currently work in Technical Support. The type of calls I get here are more time consuming, but it really strikes at my 'servant' heart. I like to 'fix' things, and in my field things are always changing, so I find I never get bored. Though I need to be careful about not witnessing to customers, I find that the Lord has really stretched me and helped me to become a better listener, to hear some things beyond that actual words spoken and to speak volumes without a lot of words.

I have a friend that works from home doing customer service and it has given her the freedom she needed for some personal reasons. I prefer working with others, and being part of a team. I find that teamwork has been invaluable to me.

SonRise Christian

I am a work at home mother of three and have been doing customer service work at home for over a year now. I will never go back to taking my kids to daycare and driving to work again. I have an educational and business background in bookkeeping and did it for 10 years but I will do customer service just because I get to do it from home.
I work through a company called Contract Exchange. They are a Canadian company but they hire Americans too. I have worked for Sears, Direct Energy, Canadian Automobile Association and now work for a conferencing company based in Denver, CO. Customer service work can be boring and some days are long but if you get to be at home and come out of your office and your kids are right there, it's great.

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