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G-12 Cell Group Ministry

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I just wanted to see if anyone out there is familiar with an awesome ministry system that God really seems to be blessing wherever it is dilligently applied. It is called G-12(Global 12) and is based on cell groups in homes. Basically, it is just a return to the type of church we all started out as--home church--but also including other elements such as leader training, and teaching for new believers. Honestly, it may not sound that unique, but my wife and I are involved in this ministry now, and have seen good results. It started in Colombia in a church that now numbers around 300,000. Their pastor is Cesar Castellanos, and they have a website that you might want to check out for more info. I personally feel that this is the method that God wants to use in the end times to enable more converts to be trained quickly and effectively. Here is the site: http://www.mci12.com/english/Home-engl.html
God bless!

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