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Healthy Food


Aug 16, 2015
Just an observation. Do you use bleached or unbleached white flour? If so, then you are using processed food. Also note, that bleached flour is chemically treated to bleach it whereas unbleached is done through a slower natural process.

White flour is devoid of most nutritional value because only the inner white part or starchy endosperm of the wheat seed is used. The germ, which contains most of the nutritional value, and bran, which contains most of the fiber, are removed.

White flour typically produces a smoother and less crumbly end product when used in baking and since most of us have grown up on white flour it may take a little getting used to the different taste and texture.

When I was diagnosed with type II diabetes I began to switch to whole wheat bread because the higher fiber is beneficial to managing blood glucose levels. Now, I prefer it to white bread.
I've used a variety of flours...bleached and unbleached.
When making bread I've found no real difference in the end product.
Gold medal "better for bread" flour isn't bread flour. It's almost bread flour...but I'm not a fan of it's performance... maybe it does ok in a bread machine but for hand made bread...no!

I like real bread flour.

Real bread flour and all purpose flour actually have the same percentage of protein...but bread flour has a better quality protein in it.

And unbleached vx bleached...all purpose vx bread vx whole wheat...all do better on blood sugar than any store bought bread. Just saying...these home, hand made breads (when eaten in moderation) don't affect my wife's blood sugar as much as any store bought bread... whole wheat or not.


Staff member
Jul 1, 2018
Well you aren't wrong...but not exactly right either.
Diet blends are a different subject than "healthy food".

My diet, in order to be healthy for me, is nothing like my wife's diet.
I'm high carb, low fat, low protein.
My wife is high fat, high protein, and low carb.

I know others are high protein, low fat, and low carb.

It's all dependant upon genetics.
Some people can't even look at a dairy products without going into dietary distress...others have gluten issues.
Others can't do eggs.

Everyone is unique in dietary restriction requirements and balance.

But that doesn't mean that there is a diet that ever requires highly processed foods and refined sugars.
Hasn't happened yet.
I was not advocating that overly-processed junk is health food. That was not the intention of my post.

What I mean is that some people will say wheat is unhealthy while others say it is beneficial. Some say you shouldn't eat tomatoes and cucumbers together while others say no harm in it. Others say honey is healthy while others say it is just as bad as sugar. Some say low carb or keto is bad but others suggest we should be in ketosis all the time.

I understand plenty about food allergies and sensitivities as we have had to deal with it in our own family. It makes cookiny challenging, but there is always a way.

I believe in whole food diets like meat sources, vegetable sources, occasional fruit, healthy fats, no refined sugar, no wheat, limited high phytic acid foods, no unhealthy cooking oils with twisted omega 3:omega 6 ratios, and eating locally farmed organics whenever possible, but we cannot afford to eat this way 100%. I also cannot say that I do not slip in and dig into a candy bar, which I am well aware is unhealthy lab food.

When I cook for my family, I do my best to make healthy, well balanced meals that I know won't make us ill. If we want junk food, I always try to look for a healthy version or alternative.