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[_ Old Earth _] My accidental beef jerky experiment


Jun 10, 2003
A few hours ago, I decided to have a snack. I had a stick of beef jercky,so I decided to eat that.

It was tough, and I chewed it for minutes and minutes. It was starting to not taste good being chewed for so long.

I spit it out on the plate and ate some more jerky.

I had to spit some more out, so I looked down at nmy plate, and to my surprise...........THERE WAS A SMALL BUG CRAWLING OVER THE ROTTEN MEAT!!!!!!!!!!

It had wings, and I did not see or hear orv feel any bug come from anywhere to come eat this meat. It couldn't have without my notice.

I just had a lesson in spontaneous generation. Apparently, small bugs can spontaneously arrive from rotten meat. It happened to me. chew some jercky in your mouth until its rotten, spit it on a plate, and maybe a bug will evolve from it.

I accidentaly proved sponatneous generation with an accidental beef jerky experiment. wow.


*Vaporises featherbop to save humanity.