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Jan 11, 2020
I am using the feminine pronoun for my own personal edification. We all know that the Holy Spirit has no gender.​
The world we live in very tangible. We see it with our eyes. We feel it with our hands. Yet the God we believe in is invisible. So how are we able to relate to our creator? Mentally, we can do this by reading the scripture and stories in the Bible. But where does the passion for God come from? How do we know him in our heart? And how does God work miracles in our lives? How does he move mountains? The answer is simple—through the Holy Spirit.
He (or she) is the metaphysical manifestation of God who came to us when the historical Christ left. She is the presence, here and now, of God and his son Jesus Christ. When touched in a mysterious way by the Holy Spirit we see God in all his glory. We know what before we only suspected. Then we feel God through our sixth sense. Her love pours over us and our passion is aroused. Finally, we are the recipient of miracles and we know...

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