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What are you doing for Christ?


Mar 30, 2003

Alarming Statistics...

In his book The Coming Revival, Bill Bright reports "only two percent of believers in America regularly share their faith in Christ with others" (NewLife Publications, p. 65).

"A soul at the altar does not generate much excitement in some circles because we realize approximately ninety-five out of every hundred will not become integrated into the church. In fact, most of them will not return for a second visit." Charles E. Hackett, the Division of Home Missions National Director for a leading U.S. denomination.

In 1991, organizers of a Salt Lake City concert encouraged follow-up. They said, "Less than five percent of those who respond to an altar call during a public crusade . . . are living a Christian life one year later."

A mass crusade reported 18,000 decisions, yet according to Church Growth magazine, ninety-four percent failed to become incorporated into a local church.

In the March/April 1993 American Horizon, disclosed the fact that in 1991, 11,500 churches of a major U.S. denomination had obtained 294,784 decisions for Christ. Unfortunately, they could find only 14,337 in fellowship. They couldn't account for 280,000 of their decisions.

This happened despite the usual intense follow-up.
What's wrong? We think that we have discovered the answer...


Dear Pastor,

Thank you for your interest in our ministry.

We speak to many issues in our teaching. One of them is the reason why there is such a massive and heart-breaking fallaway rate within contemporary evangelism.

Another vital issue is addressed below:

Imagine a group of firefighters polishing their fire engine outside a burning building. They are so consumed with what they are doing that they are oblivious to the cries of help from terrified people who are trapped at a top floor window. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with cleaning their fire engine, but not while people are trapped in a burning building!

As ridiculous as it may seem (that any "firefighter" would do such a thing), that's a picture of much of the contemporary Church. The vast majority are polishing the engine of worship, prayer, and praise (each necessary and important), but neglecting the sober task God has given to us to seek and save the lost. Oswald J. Smith said, "Oh my friends we are loaded down with countless church activities, while the real work of the Church, that of evangelizing the world and winning the lost is almost entirely neglected.“

Why do so many Christians ignore the Great Commission and fail to share their faith? Perhaps the #1 reason is that they are afraid. Many Christians want to share their faith but are afraid of what people will think of them. Many do not feel equipped, and don’t want to say the wrong thing. Others are afraid of not knowing what to say to an atheist, an evolutionist, a cult member, or a backslider, and would rather say nothing than risk hurting a relationship.

Here's the uniqueness of our teaching--You don't have to be an expert in apologetics--or even have any knowledge of them-- to effectively reach an atheist, a Muslim, a gospel hardened family member, or anyone with an argument. We will teach you and your people how to do what Jesus did--circumnavigate the human intellect (the area of argument), and speak directly to sinner's conscience (the area of knowledge of right and wrong). This principle is the key to effective, biblical evangelism used by Jesus, Peter, Paul, Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield and many others that God has used down through the ages…and much of the Church isn't even aware of what it is!

We know this principle works because we have seen it biblically, historically, and experientially--both in our own lives and in the lives of those God has touched through this ministry. After hearing this teaching, those who had never before shared their faith are now determined and eager to do so. It has proven to transform the lukewarm into on-fire, disciple-making Christians, reaching out to their unsaved family members, workmates, and friends, thus producing true church growth.

Whether on television or in seminars, the response to these principles continues to overwhelm us including more than one million hits to our website in one day! Just last month more than three thousand people attended “The Way of the Master Seminar†in Minneapolis. The time is right. Maybe you would like to host one in your area. Here is a recent comment from the host of the Minneapolis seminar.

"We prayed that God would bring 2,000 people to the 'Way of the Master Seminar' with Kirk and Ray. He brought 3,000 people. Not only was the day a monstrous success, the feedback we have received has been like a tidal wave...saved souls, on-fire believers and Christians sharing their faith. Overwhelming."
Todd Friel, KKMS Salem Radio Minneapolis

Please allow us to show you this unique evangelism program that will assist you in training your congregation.

Simply order "The Way of the Master"--our Seminar video/DVD series, view it yourself first, and if it doesn't wildly excite you and give you a new found fire to reach out to the lost in a way that you have never done before, we will gladly refund your cost for the series and the shipping.

May God bless you in your labors for Him.

Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron

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