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What is "natural law" ?

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Dec 26, 2015
I understand what you are saying, and from your perspective I find no argument. Nor do I see any harm in your way of thinking.

I suppose I just have a bigger bucket that I throw things in and parse differently.

For me, I see God in all things. Ephesians 4:6 and Colosians 1:17 as reference. When God created the heavens and the earth, what did he make them out of? In other words, what existed outside of God prior to creation? My conclusion is nothing exists outside of God according to the verses I cited.

When God created the heavens and the earth, they were void and without form. In other words, they were without order. What we see in Genesis 1 is God bringing order out of chaos.

And it is interesting how he does it, because he empowers creation. Let me explain. God creates the trees by empowering the earth to bring them forth. Then he empowers the trees to multiply by seed of their own kind. God creates the trees by the empowerment he has both granted, and given.

When God created Adam and formed Eve, he also empowered them by granting and giving that same power, and more. And he blessed them by placing them in a garden, where all was in harmony.

Outside the garden chaos still reigned, and it was humanities duty to subdue it, and expand Eden. But to maintain this harmony, they had one rule. Don't eat of that tree.

To say don't eat of something that looks like the other things that your allowed to eat goes against what is naturally pleasing to the eye, and may not naturally make since. As a result, a negative rule / commandment is made to prevent harm to an otherwise natural reaction. As such, i do not believe in the doctrine of original sin. Simply put, they had the same choice we have today... the ability to create harmony, or create chaos.

What does this have to do with natural law you might ask. Everything, because down deep, do we worship a powerful God, or a just and merciful God?

People who experience tragedy may look at their experience as punishment from God, or may think God unfair, and unjust. They do not see that God has put things in a natural order, and by doing so, has set limits and as a result, they do not see his mercy, nor that he is just.

A homosexual may have natural tendencies for the same sex caused by a hormonal imbalance or other natural malfunction to Gods original design just as drug addicts have defeciecies in the brain that make them suseptable to drug abuse and addiction. But the Good news, is that with Christ, all things are possible and just because one is genetically predisposed to homosexual urges, doesn't mean once they come to Christ that a miracle happens and the urges disappear. They are still at the mercy of natural law, or the law of nature as you put it.

In short, I see it this way. I see Gods Laws which were given to specific people at specific times. And I see these in harmony with Gods natural laws.
I don't think we disagree.
It's almost midnight here.
Will read again tomorrow morning and reply.
You've said a lot that I like.
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