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Recent content by evenifigoalone

  1. evenifigoalone

    learning disabilities

    It's just so weird to me how, as a kid, I had thought of "special needs kids" as something I was definitely not and something that was foreign to me. Only to learn as an adult that as a kid I had undiagnosed ADHD, more than likely undiagnosed learning disability, and OCD! (I had clear signs of...
  2. evenifigoalone

    I'm confused...please help me

    Is it possible you are dealing with an illness such as depression or anxiety? These classically involve feelings of worthlessness, often internalized negative thoughts ("no one would care if I disappeared", even if clearly untrue), and while it's a legitimate illness, Satan can absolutely use it...
  3. evenifigoalone

    learning disabilities

    I recently made the connection that my sudden personality shift was probably due to ADHD. I had the hyperactive kind when I was a kid.... ADHD presentation can change as you age, so I went from being hyperactive/combined presentation to primarily inattentive. And when I was a hyperactive kid, I...
  4. evenifigoalone

    learning disabilities

    I have ADHD also. ADHD is often "comorbid" with other stuff, learning disabilities is one. It's also very common for us to have depression and/or anxiety, whether we were born with it or whether we developed it as a result of the ordeal of growing up with ADHD.
  5. evenifigoalone

    Why Do Other Christians Blame Those With Chronic Illness?

    Yes, mental illness is a topic that even still has lots and lots of stigma, Christian or not. Especially when you go beyond depression and anxiety into "more severe" disorders. But it is my experience that Christians tend to be behind the times when it comes to such knowledge and will cling to...
  6. evenifigoalone

    Why Do Other Christians Blame Those With Chronic Illness?

    They're definitely Christians, but they're also very human and prone to human biases. Just in general I find that when it comes to things they do not understand or have not personally experienced they don't have helpful things to say and often have harmful things to say, they just don't realize...
  7. evenifigoalone

    learning disabilities

    Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of common traits that come from dyscalculia: Difficulty with directions, left-right confusion, N-S-E-W, navigation, or driving. Poor sense of direction. Lost easily. Bad at financial planning and money management. Too slow at mental math to figure totals, change...
  8. evenifigoalone

    learning disabilities

    So I'm discovering that I most likely have a form of dyslexia known as dyscalculia - basically I'm dyslexic with numbers. It would explain sooo much of my childhood such as being kicked from 1st grade back down to Kindergarten due to troubles grasping addition and subtraction, and later on being...
  9. evenifigoalone

    against the voices

    'Cause everybody knows That the hardest war to fight Is the fight to be yourself When the voices try to turn you into someone else What are the things you hear, maybe from within, maybe from without, that discourage you from doing what you're meant to do? How can we choose to ignore the voices...
  10. evenifigoalone

    Why Do Other Christians Blame Those With Chronic Illness?

    Adding onto your lament, while I am not physically chronically ill, I deal with chronic mental illness. In general I definitely find Christians are the least understanding and the least compassionate. While I'm open about my mental health here, because I want to smash the stigma surrounding it...
  11. evenifigoalone

    up to 3 songs you associate w/ your testimony

    What the title says. Are there songs that maybe had a part in your testimony? Or are there songs that fit it? Here's mine: 1. Pieces by Red I've come undone But you make sense of who I am Like puzzle pieces in your eye I went through a lengthy period of extreme depression ages 16 through 18...
  12. evenifigoalone

    what music are we listening to?

  13. evenifigoalone

    The random thread

    Today I learned.... I very highly likely have math dyslexia. I had SO MUCH TROUBLE IN SCHOOL with math, man. I was years behind my peers.
  14. evenifigoalone

    The random thread

    Am running the office at work. Hewwo.
  15. evenifigoalone

    The DSM III

    I never said I didn't expect to get a response from you. But if you want to talk about your issues with me (instead of the mental health topic), this thread isn't the place for that crap. This will be my last post on the matter. Again, if you want to talk about your gripes with me or at all talk...