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Recent content by evenifigoalone

  1. evenifigoalone

    what about transgenders

    Gender dysphoria really has very little to do with femninity or masculinity. Those are gender roles, but they aren't quite the same. The only reason trans people may identify as being more masculine or feminine is because it affects the gender society sees them as.
  2. evenifigoalone

    what about transgenders

    Hi, holy999. I have someone close to me who is trans. This means that they had gender dysphoria, which means that their inner perception of themselves is different than the biological sex they are. (Body dysmorphia is more in relation to eating disorders, and is different from gender dysphoria.)...
  3. evenifigoalone

    dont make the same misstakes i did

    What mistakes did you make, holy999? Or was this supposed to be a funny post
  4. evenifigoalone

    Conservatives will be elected in November.

    Yep. I've noticed on Twitter that people have little sense of professionalism on there and will say lots of extreme and rude things
  5. evenifigoalone

    Hobbies "a Collie a Day"

  6. pokemon.png


  7. pharmacy.png


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  9. evenifigoalone

    Hobbies "a Collie a Day"

    Haven't posted to this thread in a while, updates incoming
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  11. evenifigoalone

    New Law Coming From Congress

    Dang, somebody really gone and made an Onion article about me. (Nah, I actually am a very good employee.)
  12. evenifigoalone

    Video Games Sinful?

    Video games are actually a good way to keep the mind sharp as you age and can help slow the development of Alzheimers. Most of them involve puzzle solving of some kind, as well as hand/eye coordination. Also, looking at my old posts in this thread where I describe having an obsessive/addictive...
  13. evenifigoalone

    No cure for severe mental illness?

    Re: mental illness Some of it is "curable" in that it goes away in time. Depression and anxiety, the most common mental illnesses, are often reactionary rather than a set-in-stone disorder you were born with. Other disorders are more chronic/life-long. It just depends really. Depression and...
  14. evenifigoalone

    No cure for severe mental illness?

    It doesn't go away with losing weight. Type 2 is when your cells become insulin resistant. Weight and diet is a major contributing factor, but once you have it it's for life. edit: Google says it's possible to put diabetes into remission - meaning you maintain an A1C of 6 or lower - and that...
  15. evenifigoalone

    No cure for severe mental illness?

    I mean, by that logic taking medication for any disease is evil, including things like cancer