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Recent content by netchaplain

  1. netchaplain

    Gracious High Priest

    If Adam, Eve and their progeny would have continued without the sin offence, there would be no intermingling of the spirit of man with God, that indwelling of the Life of His Son, Spirit, New Heaven and an endlessness of other blessings; such is what God would desire of nothing less! NC...
  2. netchaplain

    Faith-Trials (Jas 1:3)

    When the believer is passing through a difficulty, regardless the degree, it is never salvation that’s being tested, but faith—which manifests salvation; and the test does not determine pass or fail but is always faith-strengthening. Other than asking to receive, regeneration is never effected...
  3. netchaplain

    Exclusive Fare

    The worldling cannot understand how the growing believer lives. Both his life and that which sustains it lie entirely beyond the range of nature’s keenest vision. The Lord Jesus Christ is his life, and in Him he lives. He feels by faith, upon the powerful attractions of One who, though being...
  4. netchaplain

    True Deliverance

    We in our new nature desire not to sin. It's in our old man that carries desire for sin, of which we are no longer considered a part (Ro 8:9). We now in our new man desire only after God--via His "work in you" (Phl 2:13). This answers to Paul revealing a dichotomy of the old and new man: "Now...
  5. netchaplain

    True Deliverance

    Example: "He that committeth sin is of the devil" (1Jo 3:8). Comment: Not everyone that sins, or commits acts of sin, then every man is of the devil, because no man lives without the commission of sin; but he who makes sin his constant business, and the employment of his life, whose life is a...
  6. netchaplain

    True Deliverance

    Thanks for the reply and comment! Yes, all who are in the Book of Life will seek Him and "come to Me" (Jhn 6:37). Blessings!
  7. netchaplain

    True Deliverance

    There is only a onetime deliverance from sin’s guilt and condemnation, but an on-going promised deliverance from sin’s “dominion” (Ro 6:14); in which dominion is the fact that one wills to follow sin with disregard unto God’s holiness and righteousness. Nobody realizes and understands the “law...
  8. netchaplain

    A Knowing-Hope!

    There is a hopeful-hope, which does not involve certainties but possibilities or even probabilities. Then there is a knowing-Hope, which involves only certainties; and such is Christianity, within which all is certain and permanent. Otherwise there would be nothing on which to truly depend...
  9. netchaplain

    Twelve Stones = One Rock (Joshua 4:8, 9)

    All that believers do for God is the result of His “work” within to enable them (Phl 2:13)! What He did under the Old Covenant between Himself and Israel was “a shadow” (Col 2:17; Heb 10:1) of what He is doing with Christians in the New Covenant between Himself and the Lord Jesus (“Covenant of...
  10. netchaplain

    The Gospel of the Glory

    The light of the Gospel displays all that has been accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ. It takes its rise from the glory of the Father, from the consummation of the Savior’s work—not from the beginning of His work, but from the climax of it. The light from thence, sent of the Father into the...
  11. netchaplain

    Wilderness Wealth (from 2015)

    All reborn eventually realize the invaluable paces in the Father’s school of learning, which is most understood through traversing its difficulties, hardness and trials. We white-knuckle the paces initially, but progressively learn that the lessons are rigged, for none of them can escape the...
  12. netchaplain

    True of False

    There are types of people who profess to be in Christ; those who are truly in Him and those who are not in Him. This has always been the situation since the beginning of Christianity, and the false professors are the hypocrites who will inevitably manifest that they do not truly believe by...
  13. netchaplain

    Obstinate Learner

    “If we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins” (Heb 10:26 KJV).” “If we deliberately continue sinning after we have received knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice that will cover these sins” (NLT). If...
  14. netchaplain

    With Him Inside—For Him Outside

    Every true servant is sent forth from the immediate presence of the Father, with all its holiness and all its grace; and he is called to be holy and gracious—he is called to be the reflection of the grace and holiness of the divine character; and in order that he may be so, he should not only...
  15. netchaplain

    A Musing

    Regardless the reasons one might consider why man is born a sinner and needs saved, it’s my understanding that whatever may be conceived in thought concerning all the inquiries related to this or any other type of reasoning related to God’s ways, I’ve learned there’s nothing comparable to the...