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Recent content by WIP

  1. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    Fact - I can protect others with 100% certainty by proper social distancing and with zero risk for me as well.
  2. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    I'm not against anyone getting vaccinated. What I do not agree with is forced compliance. I also don't agree with people implying that those who choose not to get vaccinated are uncaring. That is hogwash.
  3. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    Actually, except for those 65+, especially those who have other medical conditions like chronic lung diseases, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc., the risk of death from Covid is quite low.
  4. WIP

    The Truth About The Trinity Doctrine: The Answer to All Questions.

    I figure the Trinity is real and it is God. That's all I need to know.
  5. WIP

    An Open Debate on the Trinity with JLB

    No disrespect intended but didn't you already say that certain things have been translated incorrectly by those same scholars? I'm confused.
  6. WIP

    Imagine you are an atheist for one day

    When I was an unbeliever, life was good, so I thought. But as I got older I began to question the purpose of my life. Why was I born? Why do I have life at all? What happens when I die? Questions like these began to gnaw at me. If when I die I just disappear into nothingness, what purpose does...
  7. WIP


    This seems to be a bit of a contradiction. If there are no words that translate, then what are sheoul, hades, and gehenna? Are these not English versions of the original text languages?
  8. WIP


    There were hundreds of scholars and learned people involved with translating the Scriptures from whatever ancient text we are aware of today. Are you saying they all got it wrong? If so, how do you know? I know that I am not qualified to make that judgment.
  9. WIP


    I just searched the NKJV and found 35 references to the word "hell." Nineteen in the Old Testament and 16 in the New Testament with 11 of them credited to Jesus in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. How can he say it is not in the Bible?
  10. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    There are cases of people dying after receiving the Covid vaccines. Examples of extremes can be found from both sides of this issue.
  11. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    You may be right but I am not convinced the jury has come to a verdict yet about the safety of the vaccines. These vaccines were developed in record time, safety protocols were relaxed in the interest of saving time, and reputations and greed were on the line. We don't know what the risks are...
  12. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    It is sad to hear of this. I personally have not chosen to get the vaccine. I may at some point and I may choose not to but I certainly do not hold anything against those that choose to be vaccinated nor against those that choose not to be vaccinated. My wife is vaccinated, many of my siblings...
  13. WIP

    Atheist reading the Bible to try understand

    I believe parts of the Bible are meant to be taken figuratively while other parts are meant to be taken literally. One must learn to discern which is which and the best way to do that is to get to know the author, God Himself. If I tell you that it is raining cats and dogs would you believe...
  14. WIP

    COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

    Vaccines never provide 100% guarantee. As I've already shared in another post, with nearly 25% of the population fully vaccinated and another 15% having already received the first shot and another 2% confirmed full blown cases of the virus in the past 90 days, it seems the daily cases should be...
  15. WIP

    Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

    One way to know if the motive is vengeance vs justice is to ask the question, "What if the jury found the evidence to be unconvincing and acquitted the defendant?" Would the public accept that result? The answer is found in the fact that our MN national guard was activated and on alert.