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    There is salvation in no other, for there is not another name under heaven having been given among men, by which it behooves us to be saved."

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christian faith

  1. blessedly_me23

    Controlling the flesh and your own will

    How exactly do I go about controlling my own flesh and will? I've just learned that addiction is a spirit and that it's my flesh that wants more. How do I make my flesh and my own will strong? And how do I love people? I want to love more than I already do. Bible verses would be nice 🙂👍
  2. B

    Jesus: Our Savior and Redeemer

    Welcome to our Christian thread, a place to express our love and respect for Jesus Christ and our faith. As believers, we are united by our devotion to Jesus, who is the foundation of our religion and the source of our hope and salvation. Let us use this space to share our personal experiences...
  3. Vinil

    "The Only Christian Clothing Store That Understands You"

    Stephenson Boutique is the only Christian clothing store that truly understands the unique needs and style of its customers. They offer a wide range of stylish and unique clothing options for men and women, all of which are designed in-house by their talented team of designers. They understand...
  4. J

    Learning to please God

    Christian ministry looking at several aspects here. 1) We can only please God once we are saved through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. 2) We cannot please God if we are not saved, even if we have a heart for Him. 3) Learning how to please the Lord in service and in our walk. Bible...
  5. Sophia Lorena

    He said “I knew you would make it”

    A dark narrow hollow tunnel I walked alone The more I walked the more fearful it got I wished I had a lamp a candle a torch or someone alongside May be there were, many each engaged, in finding their own way out, so it seemed I stumbled Feared much Until a still little voice said ‘...
  6. A

    Still Standing: An Extreme Walk with Jesus, Don't Settle for Second Best

    Hi brothers and sisters, I just wanted to share that my husbands first book launches today. We are so very grateful to the Lord for what He has done in our lives. And once we are able (we have been in lockdown in Victoria, Australia due to covid), we will back out preaching the gospel to the...
  7. Rajesh Sahu

    We are not saved by faith alone as Martin Luther inferred..... here is the Biblical evidence

    Most of "Saved by grace through faith" Christian teachings originated from Martin Luther. After diligently and deeply studying Bible for past 12 years, I came to the conclusion we are not saved by faith alone In Christ, as Martin Luther interpreted, but also through diligent obedience ----...