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  1. dga

    Bible Study You Do Not Work For Heavenly Presents

    The Bible says, that we have the gift of righteousness, given to us by God, because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. It is called the gift of righteousness, and not the wage of righteousness. Let me ask you a question. In your life, how many times, you have paid for the gifts your friends...
  2. PeterJens

    Righteousness - 3 aspects that need emphasising in a wealthy society

    Righteousness is gained through repentance and faith in Jesus and forgiveness through the cross. Our walk matters as the spring board from our faith. Our walk is founded upon what is in our hearts. So we need righteousness in our hearts. We need righteousness in our walk. 3 righteousness...
  3. H

    Bible Study Search Our Heart (part 2) How, What, When and Where.

    Search Our Heart Part Two: How, What, When and Where Continuing: I started regular soul searching about thirty years ago. In my first thorough effort I was 34 y.o. I spent a day for every year of my life to look for my sins. Naturally the first few days (years) was nothing much to find. As each...
  4. H

    Bible Study Search Our Heart (part 1) Why & Who

    Search Our Heart Part One: Why and Who I was taught a way of truthful living which requires me to do a daily moral inventory of myself. It is a way of 'Searching my Heart' for self-appraisal. Why? Because the Scripture encourages me to do so. Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it...
  5. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Coming Out Of The House

    Do we have the authority to transform lives?
  6. Albert Finch

    Growth Right Standing With God - 1(of8)

    (ATTITUDES OF THE SIN CONSCIOUSNESS) Which of the following "Attitudes Of The Sin Consciousness" are adversly affecting your spirtual growth and development: 1. When I stand before God sometimes I have a sense of inferiourity, guilt, or condemnation. "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my...
  7. J

    Bible Study Harmonizing James and Paul

    It is believed by some that the Apostle Paul’s teaching concerning justification/righteousness is not in harmony with the Apostle James. They view Paul as teaching justification by faith alone and that a person cannot be justified by works of the law or obedience to Torah. This study will show...