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Apr 13, 2014
it always gets something like this from the sunrise. sometimes it will rise between units two and three(by the cell phone tower).
Sunrise and sunset are nice times of day. Very scenic.

I'm surprised at how clean the interior is. I would have though oil and grease from the machines would be all over the place.


Mar 11, 2014
they haven't moved the lines yet. I pass that daily. I have photos of that. its still a while as they must then move the feeders from the old substation (1). and also tie in the others to this. there are two other old substations that I do know that will have to be taken off line. these are sub 5 and sub 6 of the the old vero system. . they likely will leave the lines that did travel to them and simply power the grid where those once did. im unsure if they will have the switch yard there or simply have the old grid controlled by another switch yard. the dc side I havent seen yet. I have that on a route and may look. I finish at this location. if I do read the route. the route has me enter into the property of the old power plant for water. I still have seen workers still building the sub station.probably guessing 6 months

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