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Would you be disapointed to find a Hindu in Heaven?

Would you be disapointed to find a Hindu in Heaven?

  • 1. Yes, it would be a disapointment to find infidels in God's and my New Kingdom......

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I didn't answer the poll...Soma-Sight--learn to stop loading your questions. I think you put a sarcastic spin on them (that's what it looks like to me) but I can't really answer them because they don't reflect my beliefs.
Sorry they are loaded....

I just write from the heart.


Mar 20, 2006

No problem, I definitely know what you mean. Besides, it's not that big a deal. It's not like I can't give my opinion in other ways than answering a poll.


Oct 12, 2004
Of course not! Every Christian will be happy to see everyone in Heaven. This is why we evangelize because we want people to have eternal happiness. Evangelism is not about wanting people to think, act, and believe like we do. It is about wanting people to have a happy paradise with God forever and ever. Therefore if we found a "hindu" in heaven, it would mean he/she was born a hindu but in their heart they were truly a Christian; hence, the person got into heaven! I think it would be a fabulous discovery just like if we go to Saudi Arabia and find a Christian among the native people. It is like finding a rare, precious and priceless gem.


If there is infinite joy in Heaven, I suppose I wouldn't care. Even if disappointment was possible, I would revel in God's mercy, as long as the Hindu now believes in the one true God, what's the harm? Maybe they had the spirit of God in them but simply practiced another relgion, not finding the righteous path until the end...

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