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  • I do miss having a big dog around. My uncle has a German Shepherd with different coloring and I'm pretty fond of her.
    I do have a small, mixed breed dog currently. He's a goofball.
    Hi; you made interesting comments about defining salvation; I commented too. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Blessings.
    Well, keep warm (not too hard at the moment, I guess.) Btw, reba also raised an interesting point in the thead you've been commenting on. Blessings.
    Sorry to read you're not well; hope you'll feel well soon; and ty for your continuing sensible comments. Blessings.
    YW. I just saw the post and your quite wide-ranging & relevant, comments raise a number of issues, which I'll be thinking about. Blessings.
    Fact is, it can be traced historically. For example, Pastor Frank Norris was a denunciatory Texan preacher in the 1920s who speciallized in trashing alcohol (I don't drink, either), but to the extent of shooting dead an unarmed man connected with liquor laws in Fort Worth. A pious jury acquitted Norris; but in his ontology of negation he eventually replaced alcohol with communism as something to trash with extreme discourse (I have no time for communism either). One of Frank Norris's students was John Birch: the John Birch Society and the Bircher discourse behind much of the extreme right-wing discourse in the mid- to late-20th century. Same with other cultural stuff: a certain mindset seems to demand vehement and extreme language about those perceived to be outside their cultural bubble. (Two cents'). Blessings.
    Okay; I'm not trying to flatter you; just that it's a matter of mindset, I think, among a lot of the hyper-conservative people, that there seems to be a need to trash folk who are even slightly different, even if it may turn out that what they hold theologically is just as conservative and Biblical as what they profess to believe, too. (I guess this is my point.) Blessings.
    Hi; great thread on defining what 'liberal' means :) . I agree a lot with what you've been saying.
    Your constructive comments on the Parlors thread are appreciated; (replied again). Blessings.
    I'm sure God's gift's comment about the profile photo is true, but I think you would far prefer to be known for the good sense of what you are writing in your posts! Blessings.
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