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  • I'm not certain if I'm providing you with what you are asking for so I shall conclude Presbyterianism with this one last item. The Presbyterian Church, if I recall correctly observes what they call the communion once a year. However, Levitricus 24:5-9 shows that the shewbread which was to be changed and eaten weekly by the Levitical priests was a shadow, Heb. 10:1 of the new which is the Lord's supper. The disciples after the establishment of the church continued "steadfastly" in the breaking of bread, Acts 2:42. The church in the NT communed weekly, cts 20:7. How often does the first day of the week come? Once a week, of course.
    Infants of one or both believing parents are to be baptized, FROM Presbyterian Confession of Faith, Chapter 30, p. 157. The Westminster Assembly in the yrs. 1643-1649 voted 25 to drop baptism as a dipping and to retain sprinkling by a vote of 24. BUT our Bible teaches that baptism is for men and women, Acts 8:12. The Bible teaches that belief must precede baptism, Mark 16:15,16, and infants cannot believe. The Bible teaches that repentance precedes baptism, Acts 2:36-38 and infants cannot repent. Indeed they have no sins to repent of. The Bible teaches one must hear and learn before coming to Jesus, Jn.6:45. Infants cannot do so. As a Methodist I was christened as a baby, but could do none of the above. More later.
    There are three baptismal modes; immersion is not necessary, but one may be sprinkled or poured. This is found in thePresbyterian Confession of Faith in Chapter 30, p. 157. Yet the Bible teaches that in baptism we are buried, Rom. 6:3,4 and Col.2:12. The Bible teaches that in baptism we are washed (and the Gr. word is luo which means a complete washing which sprinkling or pouring cannot qualify). The Bible teaches there is only one baptism NOT 3 such as sprinkling or pouring or a burial. The Bible teaches baptism is a birth, Jn.3:5. The Bible teaches baptism is going down into the water and a coming up out of the water, Acts 8:36-39.
    "God has predestined and foreordained some men and angels out of his free grace and love without any foresight of faith in either of them, and others are foreordained to everlasting death and the number of either is so certain and definite that it cannot be increased or diminished." FROM: Westminster Confession of Faith, Article 3,4,5; Chapter 3; Article2, Chapter 10.

    Yet the Bible clearly teaches that salvation is for all who believe and obey the gospel. A few passages for example: Jn.3:16; Heb.5:8,9; Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 16:15,16; Romans 10:9-17; Rom.6:1-18; Acts 2:38,39; II Thess.2:14; 1:7,8 and II Pet.1:10. There are many others. In addition the Bible teaches that God is no respector of persons: Acts 10:34; II Pet.3:9; I Tim. 2:3,4 and I Jn.4:14.

    More later.
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