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  • Hello, I am needing advice/input on a situation and I'm not sure how or where to post? I've never joined a forum before. Thank you
    Can a member start a thread in Tech Talk about building a working diorama.?
    Yeah, once you start the new thread in the hobby section copy the url for that new thread and paste it in a comment in the old thread in the tech talk forum.
    Just realized that TechTalk is in the hobby section, and there is no hobby sub-forum like TechTalk is . So really, there is no sub-forums for hobbies such as scale modelling or dioramas.
    Christmas and Easter times is when people make dioramas about the life of Christ. I think a sub-forum to cater for that would be good.
    I will add the working diorama project in TechTalk. If you have any problems with it, please let me know before I get too long in posting my updates.
    Thanks for your help.
    Knotical: as long as it's generally relevant I reckon it would be okay. I think anyway that common sense is the pith that holds so much together, whether in the workplace or wherever. Common sense says that lots of employees are going to be tattooed men and women. Common sense would dictate that, rather than being litigious about it, employers and employees need to respect each other's reasonable expectations and maybe practise covering visible tattoos at least sometimes, where appropriate. Common sense also would seem to dictate that a facial tattoo is going to raise issues in a job interview. (Actually, though I started the thread, I don't see myself particularly as a promoter of tattoos per se: I don't say: Go get a tattoo. I'm more coming from the angle that it seems compelling that, pragmatically, a faith based design is an effective conversation-starter.) Blessings.
    PS: there have been quite a few more responses on the earring / plug thread that you contributed to. Blessings.
    Thanks for your earring / plug etc comments. I added a response. I guess among young people it can easily become a talking point about the similar Old Testament practice for bondservants. Blessings.
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