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  • Start at the top of this page and read from top down instead of the times I posted.

    Need to be circumcised for what?

    How many years after Abraham was declared righteous, was the commandment of circumcision given? When was the first example of proselytizing in the bible? Found in Genesis 34.
    Do we need to be? No. Is it a commandment? Yes. This is an issue solely between a person and God, but I am positive one who has the faith of Abraham and is still uncircumcised will still be at the marriage supper as the circumcised believing Jew will be as well. As was during the times of Jesus, and now, Messianic Judaism has many differing views and stances of carrying out the commands. There are the rigid, orthodox views which that site you quoted appears to be. But there are also the more liberal, less strict so to speak views in Messianic Judaism as well. It should be noted the two main schools in Jesus's time was the schools of Gamliel and Hillel I believe. One was quite strict and rigid the other was more liberalin its interpretation of Torah and carrying out the commands. Guess which one Jesus usually sided with? The more liberal school of thought. If I can remember the source, I will post it.
    As far as Passover, the Pesach sacrifice was to be carried out in the temple according to Torah. But only as a means of sacrifice rights could one wish to become circumcised be then allowed to sacrifice. One could still observe and participate, just couldn't eat or do the sacrifice. As there is no temple, this commandment is moot. There is no Pesach sacrifice. That's the best explanation I could provide in a short version.
    Do this in remembrance of me is Jesus saying I will now fulfill this feast, so now this is to be a memorial for the work on the cross. Continue to observe Passover, but remember I fulfilled it. The spring feasts were kept as rehearsals for the real thing. Now they've been fulfilled, they are to be kept as a memorial. Likewise, we still have 3 fall feasts that need to be fulfilled. These are rehearsals again for the real thing, which will be fulfilled in the near distant future. And they will be observed as memorials according to Zechariah 14 in the millennium. So do you know what is going to go down in the fall in the near distant future?
    Hey Ryan,

    I was hoping you could clarify some things about what you believe and what is being taught as Messianic Judaism.

    Here is an article about Circumcision from the site Jerusalem Council.

    Could you comment on this quote from there website so I may understand what you guys see as relevant for today.

    Do I need to be circumcised?

    Yes, it’s part of keeping the Covenant.
    It is a sign of the Covenant, in that it is a sign as to Who the Messiah is, in that he does not come by human effort, and that He is the “seed of the woman†prophesied in Genesis 3:15.

    It is also required of all males who wish to eat of the Passover. Yeshua commanded “do this is remembrance of me,†that is, the Passover. Those males who desire to follow his charge concerning Passover, must also submit to the Torah’s requirements for keeping it, which includes circumcision.

    Is this something you believe?

    Thanks JLB
    What's good? Living a life with Yeshua as my King is pretty swell.

    What did you like about Messianics and the scriptures?
    Hey. What's good? I hope all is well for you.

    I liked hearing what you had to say about the scriptures and Messianic Judaism.
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