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  1. A


    I read at least one book a week which is not too difficult as I have a personal library of over 1,000 books. One that I bought a few weeks ago and have read is "God is Good for You" written by Greg Sheridan. He is employed as a reporter on the Australian Newspaper, a Roman Catholic and an...
  2. OzSpen

    Are all people infected by sin?

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm engaged in some discussion with LEGO in the comments section of my article published in a secular Australian e-journal, On Line Opinion: This is on pages 4-5 of my article: Fake news! The...
  3. AndyBern

    [__ Science __ ] Fifty-Five Questions for Skeptics

    Years ago, when I was building my apologetics library, I bought a short book by Bill Cetnar called “Questions for Jehovah Witnesses.” It contains photocopies of pages from various Watchtower publications, with questions for the Jehovah Witness to answer. If you’ve ever had visits from these...
  4. OzSpen

    No Jesus on school playground

    Are any of you with an apologetic interest prepared to engage with an article, 'School children have a right to discuss their religious beliefs'? The article is in a secular e-journal, On Line Opinion. Anyone interested in engaging with antagonists to the faith or those of a different...
  5. Eric Champlin

    300+ Atheist Replies; I Can't Keep Up!

    Hey friends! Yesterday morning I posted a thread in the "Atheism" sub-Reddit to have a civil discussion about faith and religion. To my pleasant surprise, as of writing this, over 300 users have taken interest in the discussion. The problem: I want to reply to each and every single one of them...
  6. OzSpen

    Damage done by use of logical fallacies

    In another thread, I responded to reba, ‘Don't you understand the damage done by those who commit logical fallacies on CFnet?’ (#115) She replied: ‘No, please explain them to me. In a proper thread thanks ‘ (#116) You can see some of the damage done to logical conversations by interactions in...
  7. OzSpen

    Who made God?

    In my sharing the Gospel in my secular Australian culture, I sometimes meet this objection when I begin discussing God: ‘You claim that there is eternal life for all who believe. Who on earth made God? There's no point in going any further unless we can get a satisfactory answer to this...
  8. OzSpen

    Defending the existence of God

    I've been impressed with viewing William Lane Craig's Reasonable Faith Animated Videos, defending the existence of God. They are only short and very thought provoking. I'm recommending them to pastors for clips in church services or small groups. Could you and your church be helped with these...