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    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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  1. J

    God's FREE gift for YOU

    As the world expect various gifts at this time of the year, we must remember that God has a free gift which He wants to give to everyone. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below by clicking on the link. (10 mins). God's FREE gift for YOU
  2. Andyintheuk

    Intricate Detail

    Christmas is the start of God's implementation plan to rescue His precious people who were destined to spend a long time stuck in a horrific place called Hell in the service of Satan. The call and worship of poor lowly shepherds is just so typically God. Of course He shunned a palatial birth...
  3. gerbilwoman

    Christmas Group Therapy

  4. N

    Growth Christmas Question ???? to me

    SOME PERSON ASKED ME IN SOME OTHER FORUM.. QUESTION : Christmas Eve Dinner is very special in our house. We always have dinner by candlelight and use our best china when we are at home. What will you be doing for Christmas Eve this year? MY REPLY IS HERE...... CHRISTMAS = CHRIST + MAS (MAS =...
  5. Jethro Bodine

    Christmas 2016

    Anybody thinking about Christmas yet? Even though it's still hot and humid where I live it looks like fall which means I start thinking about the holiday season. Did we settle it last year if it's a sin to do Christmas? :lol