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  1. B


    Hey there brothers and sisters in Christ, hope you’re having a good day. I don’t normally do this but I don’t really have anywhere else to turn to. I’m severely sick with intestinal issues, as well as suffering with a crippling autoimmune disease that affects my autonomic nervous system which...
  2. J

    Passport to Heaven

    Short video from church (13 mins) showing that Salvation is not through Religion, Works, Self Righteousness, or human effort, but through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Feel free to watch below by clicking the link: Passport to Heaven
  3. J

    Opinions about kissing

    Hi there, I have this question for a while now but never had the courage to really ask it on a platform or with other christians (except a few close friends of mine, also christians). It is a bit a weird question for some, as kissing on the lips is seen (especially in the US) as something...
  4. gerard_chew

    Easter Song - Lost Without You (Abridged)

    My fellow believers in Jesus, wishing each one a belated and blessed happy Easter! Here is a one-minute Easter song to remember our Lord coming to give us life. Lost Without You (Abridged)
  5. LoveBrokeThru

    When to give : money

    The correct answer is not "donating". The correct answer is "giving". People, usually Christians, want to give, but can get "tied up" over-thinking the process. Alway remember..... everything you have, including your life, belongs to God. Your money. Your family. Your breath. So, when you...
  6. Shema

    You are Everything to me

    The Emojis Devotional for Wed, Mar 2, 2022 Topic: You are everything to me Highlight: My soul thirsts for the living God. When can I go to meet with him? Psalms 42:2 ERV God is the source of my life. I can't just live without seeing Him being worshipped in His house. When I hear people...
  7. gerard_chew

    Lost Without You

    Please feel free to use this song in your private devotion (quiet time) and public worship, and also share it with your fellow Christian family members and friends: Lost Without You Thanks and God bless!
  8. S

    Listening is an act of love

    The more I read about Jesus in the four Gospels, the more I realize that the Christian faith, to its very core, is all about love. That God is love. And that God wants to transfer his love to man. "For God so loved the world..." (John 3:16, King James Version) ... that he gave his only...
  9. dga

    Bible Study Loving Others-Doing or Feeling?

    We as Christians, know what we are commanded by Jesus himself in John 13:34, that we should love one another, and the world will know, that are his disciples. And it is easy to understand, because God is Love. But loving others is a command, and it is not about what or how we feel about others...
  10. Shema

    Talking in unknown tongues

    An Emoji Devotional for Sat September 11, 2021 Topic: Talking in unknown tongues … By Pastor H.U. Wenger Highlights: Acts 1:8 Since the day of Pentecost this is a theme, which has occupied, unified and divided the Christian community all over the world. Before Jesus ascended to the heavens...
  11. Bethel

    How to enter Heaven

    - Reader, For you to go to Heaven, you have to become as Righteous as God. As it only the righteous who exist there and who are allowed to stay there once they arrive. And the problem is, you have no way to become righteous. You have already sinned, so, that's it. So, you now have this to...
  12. Bethel

    How to spot the Devil

    - its pretty obvious that Satan's intent for everyone is to cause them to end up in Hell. That's Job #1. However, once you are born again, and have become a part of God's Heavenly Spiritual Family, .. Satan can't lead you to hell, so, he has a different plan for you if you are born again, and...
  13. Bethel

    Abiding: in the Vine

    - Abiding in the vine" is to be born again. The VINE is symbolic for/as : Jesus The Christ, and to be IN the VINE, is to be "In Christ", born again as "One with God". This is the born again Spirit that "Abides" IN......the Vine., which is symbolic for The Christ. Christ is also the "root"...
  14. Bethel

    Bible Study When i am weak : THEN

    - "when i am weak, then i am strong." I hope this Thread will help you go deeper into the true understanding of God's Grace, that is KEY to sustaining a beautiful discipleship. Look at these these 2 verses.. Paul teaching. 1. """As many as be PERFECT" 2. ""the fullness of the stature of...
  15. Bethel

    Real Discipleship

    - Being a real disciple, ......... So, first..... lets qualify "REAL" Everyone who is born again, has become a disciple. This is like, everyone who has joined the army, gets a uniform, and learns how to march. A disciple of God and Christ, "works out their salvation", not to stay saved, but...
  16. Bethel

    Why the Law

    - Did you ever wonder why God gave the LAW first, and much later Jesus was given as God's Grace? Its because the Law is necessary to be in place to REVEAL us, as we are, in relation to God's Holiness. This is the actual purpose of the Law, the specific purpose. Its to reveal you, as...
  17. Bethel

    Where did Salvation start

    - Now, if we really want to drill it down, then we surely understand that salvation started in the "foreknowledge of God", where everything began. So, God created Salvation, in His Foreknowledge, as He knew what Satan would do, and He knew what Adam and Eve would do, and He knew what He would...
  18. Bethel

    Bible Study Submit

    - To have Victory, is to be able to withstand the devil, and to be able to live holy. That's the victory, that Paul defines as ...>"CHRIST always gives me the Victory" So, how do you get that power, that is "always the victory"? A.) You submit to God. See, most believers, are not submitted...
  19. Bethel

    Bible Study You are made worthy

    - Sometimes a believer has issues with feeling not worthy to be helped by God. Well, how to resolve this wrong mind.....this wrong faith ???? Its by understanding that you are made worthy to receive from God, because Christ is in you and this makes you ETERNALLY worthy and keeps you ETERNALLY...
  20. Bethel

    Born again = How

    - Saint, How are you actually born again? What literally happens. ? I thought i would share this faith fundamental with you because its very possible you can be in Church for 50 yrs and no one there can explain it to you. So lets look at what it means to be : BORN it happens...