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  1. 07/07/07

    Can you continue to knowingly sin and remain a Christian?

    This is an important topic for Christians, as it's crucial to our Salvation. To continue in sin knowingly certainly results in a loss of one's Salvation. We must forsake that sin(s) and do our first works over by being cleansed in the blood of Jesus for the remission of sin. If we cling to that...
  2. J

    The fool hath said 'There is no God'.

    The fool hath said in his heart 'There is no God'. April Fools was yesterday, and people become fools for believing something which is not true. But the Bible says the people are fools to not believe that God is true. Feel free to watch the latest short message of hope below: The fool hath...
  3. J

    Examine yourselves in the Faith

    How do you examine yourself to see if Christ is in YOU? Many false teachers have said that one needs to look at their works, their behaviour, their performance to see if they are saved or not. Does the Bible teach us that we ought to examine ourselves in this way? Or does it speak...
  4. Redeemed78

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for Amanda Bynes

    pray for her salvation and healing
  5. J

    Christ's mission to save sinners

    Christ came for one purpose. To seek and to save that which was lost. His mission was fulfilled after he rose from the grave. To all who believe on Him and the Gospel shall received eternal life. Feel free to watch the short message below: Christ's mission to save
  6. J

    A simple step of faith

    Sadly today, many churches preach that it's effort that saves, where is in fact, the Bible teaches that it's a simple step of faith that saves. Feel free to watch a short message below explaining what the Bible says in regards to faith towards Christ which saves. A simple step of faith
  7. Redeemed78

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for Raymond

    I've been corresponding with my cousin Raymond through the mail. He's currently in jail and he's written me that he's reading the Bible now and wants to change his life, and get off drugs. I just wrote him a letter sharing the Gospel with him. Please pray that the Lord would use it for His glory...
  8. J

    Passport to Heaven

    Short video from church (13 mins) showing that Salvation is not through Religion, Works, Self Righteousness, or human effort, but through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Feel free to watch below by clicking the link: Passport to Heaven
  9. J

    Freedom in Christ Jesus

    Many of us wonder if God remains angry with us. Many of us suffer, needlessly, thinking that God has turned his back on us, or is angry with our past life. The Bible says that those who are in Christ Jesus are set free from God's wrath, condemnation and Judgement. Feel free to watch this...
  10. Redeemed78

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for Noah

    Please pray for Noah, that he would repent and come to faith in Jesus
  11. F

    Worried I am condemned forever.

    I've recently been suffering a crisis of faith following my studies of the unforgivable sin. I'm now 26, but when I was 17 or 18, I was in a relationship with a girl, and she was holding to what I now understand to be biblical abstinence. I have counted myself a Christian for years and was...
  12. J

    Jesus paid it ALL for YOU!!

    How many times have we sat in church hearing from preachers that Salvation is dependant on you and how you perform. Whether it's... A) You must clean up your life B) Do good works C) Give to the poor / charity D) Start living better E) Join a religion The Bible is against those ideas for...
  13. I

    I willfully sinned after water baptism but before receiving the Holy Ghost, is there still hope for me?

    I was hesitantly baptized in the name of Jesus Christ last month. I say hesitantly because I understood the urgency, but I knew I didn't really want to turn from my sins. Part of me was still in denial that the God of the Bible could be true. But I was baptized anyway because I feared the...
  14. Pass-A-Gospel-Tract

    Bible Study Does Matthew 7:21-23 Teach Works or Losing Salvation?

    Some people will use Matthew 7:21-23 to prove that a person must do the will of the Father and if they work any iniquity then they can lose their Salvation. However that's not what the verse is saying, the verse points out that those who are workers of iniquity are those who are relying on their...
  15. J

    Lamb's Book of Life

    Names are not being added to the Lamb's Book of Life. This may sound strange since the common belief is that our names are added to the Book of Life when we become saved, but scripture does not say that at all, in fact, scripture only ever indicates that names are being removed, 'blotted out'...
  16. Pass-A-Gospel-Tract

    Bible Study Salvation in the Tribulation and Beyond

    In this video we will continue our journey of rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15) in the time that is nearly upon us, after the church leaves this place in the rapture. How will salvation work for those left behind? What about for the people that make it through? Watch and find out!
  17. J

    God's FREE gift for YOU

    As the world expect various gifts at this time of the year, we must remember that God has a free gift which He wants to give to everyone. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below by clicking on the link. (10 mins). God's FREE gift for YOU
  18. Redeemed78

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for Anthony

    Pray for my nephew Anthony. My sister and her husband have screwed things up for him so much. He has court this week because of his tickets that they didn't pay. I'm hurt and disappointed in them. They've always neglected him and put his brother over him
  19. J

    What are the benefits of knowing Christ as Saviour?

    A lot of churches / false teachers today explain that Salvation is all about you works / efforts / trying better. However, the Bible, God's word, explains that Christ is the one who saves, and there are benefits of receiving Him as Saviour. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below at...
  20. J

    Resisting God?

    Many people today resist God and His offer for forgiveness and eternal life. Those who do resist, according to the Bible are heading to a lost eternity. However God has no desire for you to perish in your sins, and offers us a free gift, of Salvation through the person of Christ Jesus. Feel...