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Bible Study 10th. Day Of The Omer Count

United States
Feb 1, 2013
Thursday 4-8-21 Nisan 25, 5781 5th. day of the weekly cycle, 20th. Spring Day

Day 10 – Abib 25 – April 8 - Tiferet of Gevurah: Compassion in Discipline

Ps. 119:73-80, Eph. 6:10-11

Underlying and driving discipline must not only be love, but also compassion. Compassion is unconditional love. It is love just for the sake of love, not considering the others position.

Tiferet is a result of total selflessness in the eyes of God. You love for no reason; you love because you are a reflection of God. Does my discipline have this element of compassion?

Exercise for the day: Be compassionate to someone you have reproached.

Love always, Walter and Debbie