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Bible 101 Introduction / Syllabus

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Jim Parker

Bible 101 Introduction / Syllabus


The objective of this course of study is to give the student a wider perspective on the historical, cultural, and literary background of the Bible as well as to share some perspectives as to how study and interpretation of the scriptures should be approached.

The course is not an in depth, verse by verse, study of the entire Bible. If you are looking for something like that then I suggest that a source like J. Vernon McGee’s “Through The Bible” series might be a very good place to start.

The Bible is a communication to man from God. The method of that communication is literature so it is important to approach the Bible with that understanding. By doing do, the reader will be enabled to grasp a deeper understanding of scripture by recognizing that the writers have very skillfully used all the literary devices known to man in order to communicate God’s revelation.

It is my hope that the course will give you more tools to gain better insight into the Bible and an appreciation of the beauty of its literary presentation. (Shakespeare, eat your heart out)


There will be a new study every week spread in sections across 3 or 4 days as permitted by the limitations of the size of a post.

There will be a quiz at the end of each weekly section.

The purpose of the quiz is to allow you to see if you have understood the material presented. If you have not or you need any help, you may contact me privately in a conversation.

There will be no assigned reading but, since the class material will be based on the books being discussed, I highly recommend that you read the parts of the Bible covered in the weekly classes in order to get the most out of the classes and the Bible.

I’m not planning on a “final exam.”

Note: If you want to know what any book of the Bible says; read it through five times and, during your 4th and 5th readings, you will surprised to find things in it that didn’t seem to be there the first three times you read it.

This is an online class. As such, it is not a forum to debate with the instructor (that’s me) or to inform me as to what the Bible really says and means. I will present material that I hope will be of benefit to you and you are, of course, completely free to accept it or reject it. And as I have regularly told my students in the past, don’t believe anything I say. Be a Berean.

Questions and requests for clarification, however, are very much encouraged.

We will start July 30th and go until we get to the end. We may have interruptions from time to time such as for holidays or if I happen to be unable to present a study for any given week. It should take about 12 weeks. But, this first class will be a learning curve for me too so please prepare to be a little flexible.

I primarily use the NKJV, by the way and my theological perspectives tend to be in line with the teaching of the early church before it started splitting.

JIm Parker
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Papa Zoom
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