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Jay T said:
Why do you not believe Jesus Christ when He said: 'go and sin no more'

You believe that Jesus Christ says things that are impossible ?

I happen to believe Jesus Christ's words.....I know it can be done !

Because He said so.....that is faith in Jesus Christ.
That is Righteousness by action.

The man Job was PERFECT.......God said so.

BUT, as Job said himself....if he called himself perfect, it is WRONG !

Job 1:8 And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that [there is] none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

Job 9:20 If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: [if I say], I [am] perfect, it shall also prove me perverse.
9:21 [Though] I [were] perfect, [yet] would I not know my soul: I would despise my life.

Therefore IF I were sinless in God's say so, would make me a liar.
Jay T,
Why do you continue to sin if Jesus said, "Go and sin no more"?

I am not condemning you; I am going to teach you a truth if you ever become honest with yourself and me. You cannot answer the question whether you still sin because it would trash your position. You my friend still sin whether you want to admit it or not.

I am not afraid of debating anyone on the subject of the scriptural validity of Universalism.

However, JM is the one who started this fracas, and then conveniently went on "Forum Vacation." What is that? :hysterical: Is there really such a thing? If you or one of the other mods can reach him and speak with him, ask him if that is something he just made up.

I will give him til 1430 CST this afternoon to answer what he started or the debate is forfeited.He will have proven to me, and a few others as well, what he is.

@1430 CST this afternoon, I will take down my opening statements. JM will have shown to me that he realized he wasn't the man he liked to claim he was and had to find the back door before the fight started.

I will delete my opening statements @ 1430 CST. I may be straightforward with folks at times, but I am not a blow hard. I may make people uncomfortable and offend them, but I don't start looking for the back door once the fight starts.

If you or anyone else wants to take up this debate on the same premise, and by the same rules and guidelines, get with me after 1430 this afternoon. After that point, don't ask me to have any respect for JM or anything he has to say. I will have taken off my armor after 1430. Ask JM if he knows what it means for someone to take off their armor.

"The one who puts his armor on should not boast like the one who takes his off."
Actually Ben
After reading your postings, I am not sure you are capable of having a peacful debate.....You may as well delete your post because there will be no debate....
What?! Are you now covering for JM?

Of course there is no debate. There is not only scriptural support for Universalism, there is voluminous scriptural support for Universalism. It is not based on human reasoning. There is more than ample historical and etymological evidence to go along with that. I was going to prove that to JM.

You are wrong. I am more than capable of carrying on a peaceful debate.

But I am not going to debate this issue with someone else in place of JM. That would be arguing for the sake of arguing. That's nonsense.

I guess that it is OK, from the moderator's point of view, for JM (who is also a Mod) to get into a fight then conveniently go on "Forum Vacation" so that he doesn't have to defend his position. But alternately, it isn't alright for me to take exception to that.

There is a principal involved here. If he wants to shoot his mouth off, he should be the one to stick around and put his reputation where his mouth is.

You can do what you want. Ban me if that makes you sleep better at night. But I know, and so do alot of others, that JM bailed on this one. And all of the retribution you take against me won't change that. Slandering me or my beliefs won't change that either. And neither will removing all my posts. People will know from this point forward that Jm will bail on you.

I have a valid point, and you can't deny that.
You've done nothing but cut down JM. I don't care if he's a mod or not the TOS are still clear as a bell.

6 - No Bashing of other members. Give other members the respect you would want them to give yourself.

I've been guilty of this on occasion and so have many others. The difference is the continued assault as I see here. You constantly refer to the debate as a fight and I believe that's your motive, to fight with JM. Regardless if it's to fight or not that's not the issue but your constant attacks on another member has got to stop. So please holster those hoglegs.
It's OK Potluck. It's all over now. 1430 CST has passed and I have removed my opening statements.

You can quit talking down to me as though I were a simple minded child.

You seemed to be confused about the difference between stating facts and making derogatory remarks about someone. If what I say can be proven to be wrong, I humbly apologize. But if what I say is correct, you need to apologize.

Furthermore, I would not expect anyone to offer me any level of respect if I behaved in the unseemly manner JM did. So I gave him the respect I would expect anyone to give me.

You may not like my remarks, but I stand by them.
JM was never the issue so proving anything one way or another serves no purpose anyhow. Stating opinion about someone in any derogatory manner, regardless of what is thought to be fact or not through that opinion, is not permitted here.