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Christianity will now enter a time


Jan 6, 2020
Christianity will now enter a time where many calamities will unfold that will trigger fear and hate and division. Many who call themselves Christian are following a strong delusion. So many are distracted by Mankind’s toys, inventions and political soup operas.
First off I need to say that I hate no one and I do not promote hate toward anyone who follows any other religion or path. Christianity requires a believer to have love even their enemies. I don’t like bad leadership and wrong doing though. I Hate the Sin not the sinner.
To all believers I am taking the time to inform you that Christianity is to be facing its darkest moments in its existence. It is time to wake up and pull our heads out of the sand.
Pope Francis has announced that Christianity would now be interwoven into other Abrahamic religions.
The new name given is Chrislam. Soon people that are following the original covenant will be forced to change.
The Muzzled Lamb (BIG HINT and may be called different names) will be a strictly enforced policy. They are just waiting for to get everything in place first.
Chrislam is an attempt to synchronize Christianity with Islam. It began in Nigeria in the 1980s.
Islam has in its end times, a figure that emerges called the Mahdi. He and Jesus (Esa in Aramaic) go around burning down or destroying any graven images (Crosses and statues are two examples) Jesus according to Islam is underneath the Mahdi in rank therefore has to obey the Mahdi’s orders. Islam’s jesus did not die on a cross and was only a Prophet of God, nothing more.
In the future if this course of action is fulfilled you will be forced to convert, pay a tax and live as a second classed citizen or if you refuse, you would be removed.