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Spiritual Words In Hard Times


Jan 6, 2020
I don't have a web page but I thought of what I believe for wisdom. Then I wrote it down for the benefit of anyone who will take time to read. These are the words of the sages and prophets throughout time that I been allowed to remember as well as the Message on my Heart For Others

You are welcome to use this in any way to help.

Spiritual Words In Hard Times

It is better to have a FRIEND that FROWNS and tells you the TRUTH, than to have an ENEMY that SMILES, LIES, and tells you everything's OK.

Spirituality cannot be forced, it can only be offered as a gift, and as a way of life that inspires others, to desire the qualities that you've displayed and want it, in their own life, and the life’s of everyone around them. It is the Highest form of self-defense when interpreted properly

Teachers must be very careful how and what they teach for there will always be held in higher accountability for how they lead others, then people who just follow. If you teach others the wrong example, then it would be better for you to not teach at all.

Teachers should now let go of all little truths and to teach the greater truths. If we don't, then little truths will eventually destroy the greater truth.

I have a bitter truth for You but I have to try in a loving way to give you this Message that You would be able to understand and accept it and perhaps follow a different path than the one you have chosen so far.

I am a Christian Teacher and a Messenger. My name is Michael and it is Time for Messengers like myself to stand up and speak the Truth that needs to be said at this time.

The Message I've been given is to Teach and Inspire others to Remember the Message which is within Themselves. This is the Light given unto all Mankind and within the Light are Words of Truth that are Written upon a Person's Heart that Manifests in the Person's Life, Speech and Actions. Our Weapons are the Spoken Words We are inspired to use, as well as Prayer, and Faith and the People We've inspired that may come to help You in Your hour of need. Once You have said what was wrote upon Your Heart then the Seed is planted. We cannot expect to see quickly the results of the seeds We plant, for It will grow in the Individual if, and when Spirit of the Spoken Word designates it. The Spoken Word is a Two Sided Sword that We use. A warning though, it will cut You just as easily as it can cut Another if Your Words are use incorrectly. Pray for the Wisdom You will need for This, so You will be armed properly, for the right time. Have Faith. Let the Person(s) know that It is Your Faith that that Seed will grow in Them if They wanted it to. If Your Love in your Heart is the True Love when You are giving your words to Others, then this seed will be inspired to grow and Your Faith will justify it and Your Prayers will fortify it as well.

Another Big Truth is that We are All Teachers by Example. If You have no Path, no Light, no Message of Truth within You, then not only are You Lost but You may Damn or cause to Stumble, any Person who may look up to You as an Example. The Teachers who can Wake Up to this Message, should remember and perfect the Words that have been written upon Their Heart. If I may be giving Myself as an Example I would say that I had to Work on my Own Message and to make it clearer first to Myself and then to be able to Speak it to Others. I had to work on different ways of conveying this message so that I may be able to, Speak in language conveyed through love, that People would find the ability to Understand and Accept this Message. We should Humble Ourselves and try to find a Loving Way to Convey in Words, the Truth that is hard to stomach at this Time.

Most of us have fallen asleep in this time through the conveniences of the qualities of Our Life that We've attained and do we ever love the "I, me, mine," and nobody better try to change it or else I'll......, lifestyles.

We should always refine what we perceive as love till it reaches the highest form that one can project into their everyday life and surroundings.

The Bible is given unto the Christian and spiritual people of the earth that They may be able to understand God's Will better. It is an account of a peoples struggle to find spirituality and Gods plan or path for Them. A guide that can lead them to that what is even greater and that is the Holy Spirit. If a person can obtain the Holy Spirit, then It will take the Babel out of the Bible and out of their own ways of life. It will allow everyone that receives It to know their very own path. the Holy Spirit is capable of translating all things correctly.

One needs to Love even your Enemies. Even if They were going to Kill you! There will be a few Killed because of Spiritual Purity.......many others, because of where they work, live and go, will be killed by the masses that will surround them in these areas . If you cannot forgive you cannot be forgiven either. Hate sin or wrong doings not the life that committed it. Do not be fearful or intimidated by what you may encounter. The Holy Spirit will guide you.

Christianity will now enter a time where many calamities will unfold that will trigger fear and hate. Many who call themselves Christian are following a strong delusion. So many are distracted by Mankind's toys and inventions. The Money That Pays for it. The energies that bring their inventions and toys to life. (eg.) Electricity, Oil, Gasoline.

Not many of our teachers are teaching properly. So many traditions of the world and culture have perverted the teachings to the point that it has become babble or confusion. Because of this falling away, the Power of those lukewarm in their spirituality carries no weight of importance, no value. Most will conform to the will of whatever pushes or forces them. The Golden Rule for the Lost Souls of our age may be kill or be killed and take by force whatever you feel you need and Hurry, there's not much time left.

If you are awake you will be aware that electronic media is been use in a greater way for negativity hatred and spiritual blindness. Almost all the Christian comments or posts I read lately have shown no great light, or wisdom.....No love above the conscience of I, Me, MIne. Hate, fear, a misuse or lack of proper words, Wisdom and actions that are fueled by this.

Most have not accepted the way of the Lamb or if they have its in such, a lukewarm manner and now they have brought upon themselves the wrath that comes from the Lion, Lyin' or will be forced to align themselves to a perversion of the law or face death. It is written that, "He will rule with a rod of iron."

If it was your chosen path to stay in the cities then may your guiding light be strong as an Example to Others that they be inspired to Try, for the word Try is a Word that can never be beaten as long as you've Tried.

Perhaps it is time for those Awake to move from away from the densely populated areas.

In the future, to live in small communities, if a Person wanted to join, they probably would have to have a talent, assets, something of value, something of necessity, otherwise they probably wouldn't be accepted. I would hope that the Ones who were awake would acquire this ahead of the time its really needed.

Soon The People of the earth with the Truth Love in Their hearts, Words Ways and Actions shall be removed from the earth in the most part.....few Ones with Divine Love will be left. Logic, compassion and sanity will be taken too. A lowering of the spiritual conscience of humanity. Next, with this lowering of conscience, then the Return to An Old Testament Type of God..... One with many laws and so very little mercy!

With the removing of the proper conscience of moral principles of Humanity

the removal of the comforter

Great Earth changes due to the Earth being moved out of its place in the Heavens

Along the way, Evil will exterminate itself finally in their drunkin' insane madness. No Path, No Light.

Be Strong in Faith, a Good Teacher, and a Good Example, To be forewarned is to be forearmed

My Prayers are with You to Fortify You

Michael a Messenger