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Unpardonable sin. Only God's Elect can commit it.


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Mark 13:11. Gods Elect are brought up to witness for Jesus, at the 6th trump. They have the holy spirit.

Mark 13:27. Son of man will send his angels and gather the Elect from the four winds.

I hope moderator isn't going to take sides, and say I can't reply. I know some of the threads are no debates.

The truth burns the ears on some brethren. Or they are just ignorant.

Romans chapter 8 to document the election are predestined, chosen before foundation of the world.

The election are here to fulfill obligation to Jesus. Of course few false brethren will contaminate God's word.

Romans chapter 8 is about the election.
Ephesians chapter 1 is about the election.

Satan will send a false brethren to attempt to distort this thread.

He did it on the unpardonable sin on answers and questions thread.

Let's see how fair the moderators are.
Hi Anaphora

Not quite clear on your point here. You seem to just be rehashing some old grievances with CF staff. What does your post tell us about this idea that you have that only the elect can commit the unpardonable sin?

God bless,
Hey All,
Anaphora, just what do you believe is the unpardonable sin?

"I hope moderator isn't going to take sides, and say I can't reply. I know some of the threads are no debates." Quote from Anaphora

"Satan will send a false brethren to attempt to distort this thread." Quote from Anaphora

In debate, what you have done is called "poisoning the well." If anybody offers an opposing point of view, they are "obviously against you." So you tell us, what the unpardonable sin is. Then let's talk about it.

Keep walking everybody.
May God bless,

Unpardonable sin. Only God's Elect can commit it.​

This statement is actually blasphemous. The unpardonable sin is Final Impenitence, also known as Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Final Impenitence is the unpardonable sun by the very fact that one dies impenitent.
Hi Anaphora.
Jesus knows the answers to all and shared a lot more with me a few days ago because I've waljed along side him most of my life saying what he said, but not feeling it. I said I loved him but hatef my wife for cheating on me.
He spoke to me not in anger as my Judge even though he is, but as a man who wanted me to be forgiven.

Pleae have a look at the post HE gave me about God is A Trinity.

It ieasy to follow. points are numbered. Read each point and see if you agree or disagree. If you agree with each point and remember them when reading the Bible you will understand why.

1) Why God made earth
2) who is Satan.
3) why fallen angels can never have forgiveness is a myth.
4) why our first parents had to leave and how we can get back in
5 who is Babylon?

You get the picture. I know what I'm saying is it immutable because this isn't my word. It's the word of our God who can forgive all sin weather in heaven or on earth. And he can prove it.
God bless you dear one


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