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up to 3 songs you associate w/ your testimony


call me Ari
May 22, 2012
What the title says. Are there songs that maybe had a part in your testimony? Or are there songs that fit it?

Here's mine:
Pieces by Red
I've come undone
But you make sense of who I am
Like puzzle pieces in your eye

I went through a lengthy period of extreme depression ages 16 through 18. I felt totally and utterly shattered. While I didn't feel God through all of it, He was there with me the whole way

Best is Yet to Come by Red
And after all that we've been through
And after all we left in pieces
I still believe our lives have just begun
'Cause now the past can be outrun
And I know you are the reason
I still believe the best is yet to come

Age 19 or so, my stepdad had just passed away. I reflected on how life had been through the past few years (not great). I had hope and trusted God that the best was yet to be seen.

Wolf Bite by Owl City
It's another nightmare
I swear there's something out there
So save me 'cause I'm so scared
Will you show me the way?
It's another werewolf
All dressed up in sheep's wool
And changing when the moon's full, woah
Will you show me the way?

To me this song is about asking God for His protection in the pitfalls and deceptions of the world.

Tell me about your testimony and what songs you feel are applicable to your journey.