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Recent content by Biblesurveyor

  1. Biblesurveyor

    Unveiled Secrets The Rapture

    Thanks, I will continue to study this, and pray for wisdom. I am still amazed at how many WELL KNOWN ministers whom I admire preach the pre-trib with enthusiasm. Can there be that many (who are supposed to be filled with the holy spirit, who guides into all truth) that are under a false...
  2. Biblesurveyor

    Unveiled Secrets The Rapture

    But believers will not hide in caves and rocks on mountains, as Rev 6:15 says. So, again, where are the true believers in that verse - it seems to me that they are Not on earth, and if some have died, and some did not, then the only place they can be is in heaven.
  3. Biblesurveyor

    Unveiled Secrets The Rapture

    I have no more to say, except that I'm confused about Rev. 6: 15. What is your explanation about the "kings, great men, rich men, commanders, mighty men, every slave and every free man" hide in caves and rocks in mountains. Doesn't that include All men? If so, then the believers are all gone...
  4. Biblesurveyor

    Seeing the good in people

    If one knows something bad, don't talk about it, always find something good, for everyone is fighting a battle. Do not judge, for Jesus warned against that. Unfortunately, I had to leave two forums (of my own accord) because certain ones, although they had good advice, did not follow this...
  5. Biblesurveyor

    Unveiled Secrets The Rapture

    I don't wish to argue, but I have just one question: Since I haven't made up my mind yet (I'm still looking at various opinions and interpretations of scripture), I have gone on line and viewed you-tube sermons of some of my favorite ministers teaching on the subject of the last days and the...
  6. Biblesurveyor

    When is The Rapture, And How Does The Tribulation REALLY Work?

    I appreciate your response, (I've had guests at my house for a day or so, and couldn't respond immediately). Also, I had to leave (of my own accord) another Christian forum because of the severe chastisements I received, so I'd rather not enter into anymore "spirits of argumentation" that seems...
  7. Biblesurveyor

    What's the worst thing a husband can do?

    You should have asked: What's the worst thing that can happen to a husband? As it is, I can't answer, except to say its obviously no 1. If the correct question were asked, it would be to become disabled with a disease, such as one like my SIL, who has heart issues and my daughter must care for...
  8. Biblesurveyor

    When is The Rapture, And How Does The Tribulation REALLY Work?

    It seems to me that 2nd Thess, 2 from verses 2 -12 say that: 3…..for that day (day of the Lord) will not come until the rebellion (apostasy) occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed…. and then: ..... 7 …...but the one who now holds it back (lawlessness) will continue to do so till he...
  9. Biblesurveyor

    When is The Rapture, And How Does The Tribulation REALLY Work?

    I may be out in left field (it won’t be the 1st time) I have a simple question, (and I hope no one will think it a stupid one) Why do most people claim only one of the following 1. pretrib, 2. midtrib 3 postrib 4. no trib 5. we’re now in the trib etc. I am not unfamiliar with the many views of...
  10. Biblesurveyor

    Using antihistamines to sleep

    I've been contemplating getting some high potency CBD (or hemp tincture - with a small trace of N8) That's because my daughter, who lives outside Atlanta, about 400 miles from us, swears its good for sleep. One drawback is that it is a little pricey. About $50 or so for a month's supply. But...
  11. Biblesurveyor


    There is some hope on the horizon. At Stanford U. they seem to be on the verge of a testing procedure that may catch on and become available across the country.
  12. Biblesurveyor

    Many changes are about to come

    True, it may be small part, but it is an important part. His goal is to replace God, and have the entire world to worship him. My opinion is that technology will play a part in that. Just look at where we are already - there are videos on the web even now where robots are debating one...
  13. Biblesurveyor


  14. Biblesurveyor

    Many changes are about to come

    AI is for artificial intelligence (as in nano-robots), which for the forseeable future means less physical work for humans, as automation takes a more dominant role in industry.
  15. Biblesurveyor

    Interview with The Devil dot com

    I would like to know the devil's response if the interviewer had said this: The Word, which you know is true, also gives a description of your destination. Also you know that forever is a long time. Revelation 20 is a vivid reminder of where you’re headed. You will join the beast and false...