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  • Hi Christ_empowered Thanks for your comments just now. Was also re-reading what you wrote a long while ago about faith based tattoos; you were kind of skeptical, but you did point out that if someone gets eyeliner tattooed or else a Bible verse (or whatever) tattooed, it's kind of not too different. So have your thoughts developed at all more recently?
    tattoo is a personal decision. i think...i hesitate with faith based ones because of the people I've known with such tattoos (its the bible belt, usa), but...that's them, not -all people- , and they don't answer to me. :)
    Not sure of your age but I saw a quote from someone in the Bible Belt who said she hardly knew of any female under 30 in Bible Belt churches who did not have a tattoo. I guess it's a widely preferred means of expressing what's on one's heart, Scripture, etc.
    i dunno. tattoos of all sorts are trendy and such. maybe that's why I'm not so sure about the fath based ones? People have Christianity-themed everything in the bible belt. "Jesus is my co-pilot" on the car, all kinds of stuff. does it mean anything? -shrug- I dunno. I can't read their minds, I don't know the state of their salvation.
    Hey brother, just ran across your post regarding your hair loss cure and how you reversed it. Just a question for you, how long did you use the retin-A for and how long did you use the Diprolene for? I am following your regimen but just need to know the durations so it can be accurate
    hi! I noticed we've had some of the same issues and wanted to did you overcome npd traits? what did you do and ask from God? any insight would be great, thanks!
    Hi Christ_empowered, I just wanted to say thank you for you prayers and words as I battle my monsters. I know you too have many issues that you are working though with the Lord lifting you over the hurdles. The fact you took time out for me is greatly appreciated, more than you can know
    May God continue to bless and lift you up untilvictory
    Paul, Thayanee and Eli
    Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons; Deut. 4:9, Luke 1:75, I Peter 2:21
    I see that Davies has now made some thoughtful tatt comments, too. Ty again. Blessings.
    Hi; ty for your response to the tatt. thread. I commented again. Blessings.
    :waving yep it's me :biggrin Trying to weed out those who don't play nice here...and add in those that do.
    Please accept my friendship... I'm trying to block the mean spirited members (unfortunately you can't block mods)... and limit contact only from friends etc.
    Hmmm :chin I was hoping to read your post about needing a church... if you wish, PM me and we can discuss it? :heart
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