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  • Hey my quad is a Polrias a 450.. DH would nt trust me on a more powerful one... The grandkids wrecked it ,,, I got it together but it needs to see the shop... so for now it is used for chores..
    I just started riding last summer and can't wait till the weather warms up to ride again. We have many trails where we live and I'm still learning hills and such. We need another as Steve borrows my brothers four-wheeler when we all ride together. I keep saying this one is mine, LOL.
    Wow Reba, you have (or had since this an old comment I recently found) a quad? It's funny but I never really pictured you having one before.
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    for_his_glory: You too, friend; you and your dh have a peaceful time resting in the love of the Incarnate One.
    Hi for_his_glory, thank you for accepting my request. Love camping,but haven't had the time for last couple of years :sad
    We're only about 100km from the biggest national park in Thailand and still haven't gotten there yet LOL. Every week end sounds like total bliss to me. oops made me sin lol
    Blessings to you and hubby and all your loved ones
    PS: for his glory: I have now responded to your comment; ty. (Did you vote in the thread's poll, btw?) Blessings.
    Interesting comment on the thread! (I'll respond).
    I myself am undergoing some problems in trying to upload something for a new avatar; I think it has to be a certain type of file, like you say, for it to work. Blessings.

    The picture didn't come through, but I'm sure it's a lovely area. Blessings.
    for his glory: Oh really? I never saw that one; maybe it's a bit like New York Ink/Miami Ink/LA Ink, or whatever. Re. 'I.. do like to watch': yes, it's intriguing to see, and it's no longer just male bikers and sailors, but also now a perfectly mainstream womanly thing, too, with a lot of potential for faith/Bible ref. witness designs, maybe covering up other ones (like you say).
    Yes, I'd sure like to visit Fallingwater; and it struck me how hilly western Pa. is, too. What really strikes me is the sense of isolation of the pictures with the light, the water and the trees, there at Fallingwater.
    It is beautiful here and the only other places I could ever live in would be Montana or Colorado as someday I would love to visit there. Yes I did see your post and I did not reply as I already have replied several times to the other ones and have nothing more to add. I'm not really into tattoos, but do like to watch one show called Tattoo Mistakes or something like that where they cover over bad tats with other ones and they come out perfect and you can not even see the old ones. It is definitely an art.
    Oh okay, right, sorry; I must have misunderstood about Pa./NJ. Yes, I've been through the Pittsburgh and Erie areas. (One day I want to visit Fallingwater...) You guys certainly live in a beautiful area. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me the Erie lakeshore of western Pa. and western NY almost seem Midwest ('almost'...). Neighboring Ohio certainly IS Midwest.
    PS: Did you see the thread I started, which from last night and this morning seems to have 'taken off', for some reason:
    Up here, north of the border, a woman was sadly killed by a sign blowing away in the high winds and hitting her. (A number of years ago a friend of mine fractured her skull, but survived, as a result of a realtor sign hitting her during high winds.)
    You know, in some ways you guys in New Jersey seem to have the best of both worlds: convenience of NYC nearby, airports, etc, but nearness of beautiful areas such as Poconos, High Peak (or whatever it's called), Delaware Water Gap, and so on.
    Yes: a lot of service providers and emergency workers have been putting themselves in harm's way.
    (BTW: I like New Jersey: It was far more mountainous than I had realized...)
    We did okay, ty, for his glory; sounds like you guys escaped, too. The house did rattle a lot overnight, but it was actually calm and even dry when we woke up. God bless.
    Thanks a lot for your post on the new thread just now. Did you vote in the poll, too?
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