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    How are you doing? Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons;
    Hello, and how are you all? I've been reading the conversation that Chopper and jasoncran had been sharing together. Nov 10, 2013, Oct 28, 2013, Oct 26, 2013
    Hi Jason, I have missed your perspective on my threads. I extremely value your reply's. In my thread, "The Mystery of Lawlessness" JLB and Ryan are going at it, and I don't understand the real point of it.

    I have been praying regularly for those people that you listed. I have concentrated on your marriage issues. I have wondered if there are any changes in any area's of my praying. Peace, my Brother.
    Hi Jason, There are two Jewish organizations that I keep in contact with about every two weeks. 1. Christians United For Israel. 2. Jerusalem Prayer Team. I was in communication with the Jerusalem Prayer Team a few minutes ago. They have people who go to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and offer my prayers. I had them pray for your marriage. Now expect some good changes....Peace, my Brother.
    Good Morning Jason, I'm so blessed in the Lord because you shared your heart's longing for your family. So far, each morning that I have prayed for your family, I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Please let me know when things happen to them....Peace, my Brother.
    Hi jason; you had log in probs? so have I. Now I'm farouk again; I was previously OhFarouk because farouk wouldn't log in; then OhFarouk wouldn't log in but farouk does, after all... :)
    my brother has been to chicago and new york he loves it there,i wouldnt want to be in a huge city i like small town living its just right to me
    oic I guess I should have just said northern states,I would love to live somewhere colder I hate the heat here
    yeah like maine or massachusetts ,maybe its not really called that thats sort of what we call them down here dont know if thats accurate
    yep Im used to it though i dream of living in a new england state someday or even just a state that stays cooler yearround,butIve lived here since i was 4 so its home plus im poor lol so im staying put.
    i live in desoto parish I work in shreveport thats the nearest city,oh thats cool i would like to visit other parishes ive only visited new orleans and baton rouge,what all do they have in vernon parish if you remember if not thats cool
    Aww Jason that makes me happy to "hear." It's wonderful hearing about the joy the kids have brought to your life.
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