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  • Gracie BJJ or Californian? Both are pretty heavy styles and very street effective. Kenchi Ga Ryu is more street effective than the older styles of karate too. Kickboxing international rules or Thai?
    Is that you in the pic with your daughter?
    Yeah did Muay Thai and Kenchi Ga Ryu Free style state champion in Nationl All Styles (before UFC and MMA were popular) 2nd place Nationals in my last year of fighting before I regrettably retired (long story) Now just train to keep fit and in cases it's really really necessary
    My intentions will be with Genesis along with every book of the Bible I will transcribe a recap too, is just to help people understand the Book(s) of the Bible better and give them a better study guide with their fellowship in the Lord. Thus the purpose of posting in the Bible Study area - but if you have helpful insight please post in them; (I just don't want Bible studies becoming a topic of debate). Any helpful responses are encouraged and welcomed
    I'm not offended by any of your post(s) Jason. Rest assured - Go in love

    God bless you
    Oh and I must say it is interesting debating you. If that is a picture of you daughter she is quite beautiful. They grow up fast enjoy it while you can. God Bless.
    Hey Jason. As a CW2 rotary wing pilot with 173rd Assault, I was field commissioned in Vietnam, let them talk me into taking OTS, commissioned 1LT, served as helicopter pilot, platoon, unit and regimental commander in a career that stretched through Desert Storm, when I retired as an 0-6. Served all over the place, mostly combat missions. Flew special ops for five years, which was about four and half too long, but I loved it. It'll turn your brain into mush, though, if you're not careful. I've been all over the world, and I wouldn't go back for one minute, but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world, either. How about you?
    Jason, you look different in your picture!
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