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  • Hi Paul; & great news about the alcohol thing receding into the past! Here we are fine, all things considered. It's been a bit warmer than it was a few days ago, but doubtless the Canadian winter will be along soon... PS: This is another of my threads that has had a bit of activity recently.
    Hi Farouk, I'm well today's great, nice n cool, and some rain last night. Got a lot achieved yesterday and set some new goals after meditating on God's Word. Now I've just got to find the time to do it
    Yesterday also marked 100 Days of total abstinence from alcohol. God has truly slayed that personal demon for me. Don't need it, Don't want it. Not now,Not Ever!
    How are you, much happening?
    Thanks for the link, I'll have a look see now.
    Have a great day and Blessings in Christ
    No prob. Paul; ty for the response. I guess what Westerners simply call tattoos, would be what you refer to as cosmetic tattoos,right? given Thai customs? and people such as generals' daughters, etc. would now be able to have them done with confidence, as both men and women do now, in North America.
    There was a supplementary question as well; maybe the answer is more obvious than I realised, though; blessings.
    Hi Farouk, yes the Thais for years have just used the plain black ink for both Religious and cosmetic tattooing. Now however, with the new pigments available they are more often getting cosmetic tattoos, usually on the shoulder, wrist or ankle.
    Sorry I got peeved in my last post, but I'm sick of so called enlightened Christians who are judgemental about all things not within their norms. Really gets to me some days
    blessings in Christ
    Good morning Farouk,
    Thank you for that. I have added another post to the thread.
    Blessings in Christ
    Paul: not bad, ty, but remember since you guys are in Thailand you're the other end of the clock in terms of activities here...
    Re. your and his comment: okay!
    Re. what you said re. Mrs Thayanee Paul: Sounds anyway like she proves that, in Thailand now as well as in North America, women have achieved tattoo equality with men. (And more generally about your 'tasteful' comment, the fact that it's something that women now feel confident that it's wide open to do, has probably resulted often in women actually outdoing men in choosing and receiving designs that are tasteful.)
    I know you wish the circumstances were such that it were a specifically Christian one, though.
    Hi Farouk,
    my days been hectic, yours?
    Yeah i know what he,I've just put u pa new post agreeing with him and giving an exmple for all readers on here.
    I sometimes get a little"anxious"about the topic, because I have been subjected to the negativity of some people without them knowing me or what my personal code is like. When you read the last post i made you'll see what I mean.
    Thayanee ( Mrs paul) has one small Buddhist tatt and I actually think it's quite tasteful ...even though IT IS misguided lol.
    Anyway it's way past my bed time (i am nearly fifty after all) so I'll sign off for now Farouk
    God Bless
    Hi Paul; how's your day? I think that Destructus86 must have misread what one of us wrote because he doesn't seem really to be disagreeing with anything you actually wrote! Where he said: "How about you stop looking at the tats and look at the person?", if he was referring to you, I don't even think you got into whether your wife has a tatt at all, and some of his other comments have also been supportive about tatts.
    Anyway there have been various interesting threads lately on various themes.
    God bless your wife's Bible reading. Blessings. :)
    PS: Sounds like in Thailand, from what you say, women have indeed achieved tattoo equality with men, too, like in North America, right?
    Paul, Hey this is a great testimony, that your wife was first attracted to Christianity by your tattoo. I have long believed in the witness potential of tasteful, Bible related designs that can be great conversation-starters; sounds too that it in your case it was also a link to your attitude by which you wanted to honor Christ by honoring her. So I can see that she would surely be struck by the difference between your attitude and that of other men she may have known there, and though it might not have spurred her to get one as well (which wasn't your main aim anyway, I guess), it may have played an important part in getting her more interested in reading God's Word. A great testimony, anyway! ty for sharing it.
    (FYI, not sure if you saw this thread, which may be generally relevant to what we're talking about: ) Blessings.
    Hi Farouk,
    I forgot to mention that many women also have tattoos here,both the Sak yant type and the cosmetic type. I have Ephesians 5:25 tattooed on my neck (yes that really hurt) as a constant reminder of how I must treat my wife.It was this tattoo that sparked Thayanee's interest in Jesus and Christianity. I think because in general Thai men treat their wives pretty poorly and it is an accepted way of life. (a generalization but I have lived here for seven years so have seen it many times) I have many tattoos. Including a memorial to my daughter,my children's names and others which all represent parts of my life up to where I am now.
    Hi Paul, interesting that tattoos are so popular in Thailand; sounds from what you say it's still a male thing, though? In North America many people get faith related designs, including Scripture references, etc., which have proven very effective in starting witness conversations.
    I honestly do believe in the holy and judgment side of God as well as His grace shown wondrously in the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus to sinner.
    I guess I do write more tongue in cheek, too, sometimes.
    Great if your wife perseveres in her Bible reading.
    Hi Farouk,
    in Thailand piercing is growing in popularity especially the expanded holes in ears. Tattooing is a huge part of Thai culture and probably 75-80% of Thai men have "Sak yant" (Buddhist religious) tattooing somewhere on their bodies including, if not especially the monks.
    Yes Thayanee has trouble with the concept of an Omnipresent God compared to two Gods for each individual day of the week lol. I'm just happy she is willing to at least learn about Our Father, Jesus and our way of life. As I said on another thread, if God can love all people, why should we only love those of the same belief as ours?! That didn't go down too well but that's my take on it.
    Since arriving here, I've noticed that some of the people are very serious in nature and miss the point of lightheartedness such as your thread. Too much fire and brimstone.God created us and our personalities and He blessed us with humour so why not enjoy it.
    Blessings my friend
    Hi Paul; great that she responds to your encouragement to read, anyway! I guess with her Thai background there are also conceptual issues as well, by which traditionally God and the world aren't necessarily distinct.
    BTW, ty for your post on my somewhat more lighthearted thread about ear piercing; I'll get round to replying maybe later. Don't know if in Thailand it's also a man thing that it has become in North America, but..whatever.
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