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  1. T

    Can you become Christian if you’ve made a satanic ritual in the past?

    Hello, I’m new to Christianity. I was raised Catholic but became atheist around age 10. When I was 17 I dated a guy who practiced Satanism and he somehow convinced me to do the initiation ritual and become a member of that community. As someone who had been atheist, I didn’t think much of it. I...
  2. HSong

    Examining Christian Websites

    Believe in Jesus Christ with faith alone to be saved. And thus, everyone will become believers in Jesus Christ. And thus everyone will go to Heaven because all people will have the Holy Spirit wrapped around them, protecting them permanently Romans 5:18: "Therefore, as one trespass led to...
  3. HSong

    ECT Commits EVERY Logical Fallacy

    Eternal Conscious Torment is false. And the people who believe in ECT have committed EVERY logical fallacy that has been documented in existence ever as per this website below. Logical Fallacy = False notion in logic. Have faith alone in Jesus Christ to be...
  4. S

    Best Books to read on Christianity

    Hi, I recently read "Jesus Calling by Sarah Young." I am looking for some similar books to read offering advice on how to deal with adversity as a Christian and feel connected to Christ as a person. Looking forward to positive replies. Thank you.
  5. B

    The Enneagram of Personality

    Have any of you had experience with The Enneagram of Personality? I discovered it in 2010 and was so taken by it I wrote a book; The Christian Guide To The Enneagram. After doing more research I discovered that the claim that the Enneagram had Christian roots was false and that it is rooted in...
  6. Shema

    Living among crazy people

    An Emoji Devotions For Fri 9th July, 2021 Topic: Living among crazy people By H.U. Wenger I have been brought up in a rural region of Switzerland. There was an unwritten set of rules how people have to behave themselves in order to belong to the respectable society. If you wanted to have a...
  7. Tanya333

    Help Wanted!

    So I’m confused. I guess I can call this as me going through a faith/spiritual/religious crisis. This has been going on months and years now. I’m going back and forth between belief and non-belief in God, and I just can’t decide. I’m stuck right smack in the middle. It’s the most uncomfortable...
  8. john darling

    3 Important truths for spiritual clarity.

    Hi all, I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on this video. It's about 18 minutes long. I found it pretty good in that it's precise and clear in communicating what it means to really believe Jesus is Lord, not just in a theological way but in day-to-day practical life. Let me know what you think.
  9. Lucian Hodoboc

    If Christianity could be completely disproved...

    At one of his conferences, Christian apologist Frank Turek was asked, by someone from the audience, the following question: "if Christianity could be completely disproved, would you still believe it?" This was his response: How would you answer that question? If Christianity was proven to be...
  10. Rajesh Sahu

    Getting addicted to the book of Revelation.....

    Although all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, (2 Timothy 3:16), it is the Book Of Revelation which Is perhaps the ONLY Book In The Bible which Promises A "Blessing" To Those Who Read It ("Hear It") ... The book of...
  11. M

    Is the world getting worse or am I getting jaded?

    I have been traveling for nearly 10 years now and I have seen things that make me question if we are worth saving. The selfishness and deceit I see now seems out of control. Everyone seems to have an agenda. The world seems to make sport of treating Christianity like the red headed stepchild of...
  12. gospel pillars

    Who i am?

    Gospel Pillars is an arm amongst several arms of Gospel Pillars Ministry. My, our vision. . Bearing witness of the true gospel to all nations in love and with great signs URL Links Edited
  13. Jojomonster

    [__ Prayer __] Christian film maker couple in need of prayer

    Hi guys! My name is Jolene. I am a christian film maker and currently am in pre-production on a Christian film called "The Standard." Along side with my Christian boyfriend we are producing this film on a microbudget. Anyways I came here to actually ask for prayer for this christian film and...
  14. Albert Finch

    Growth Deeds, Claims, and Promises of Jesus - 4 (of11)

    Jesus makes an evangelist out of...................................